The Best Beach-Inspired Perfumes To Make You Feel Like You’re On Vacation, As Told By Their Rave Reviews

It's time to let the cat out of the bag: Each one of the best beach-inspired perfumes and body sprays do, in fact, smell very, very different. Sometimes, the fragrances differ so greatly it may leave you wondering where exactly the perfumer found their inspiration. Blame it on the fact that the scent of a beach is harder to define — it's not as easy to pin down, like roses or figs.

That said, fruits and florals can find their way into the beachy fragrances, too. In the product description for Fresh's Pink Jasmine Eau de Parfum, a quote from Fresh Co-founder and Fragrance Designer Lev Glazman paints a picture of the exact moment the scent came to be: "I was walking by the beach when the most striking aroma captivated me. Before me were these magnificent pink jasmines that seemed to absorb every scent in the atmosphere — the salty water, the fresh trees, the rich earth — breathing back out a romantic interpretation of each."

The result? A $90 perfume with rave reviews that'll instantly make you feel like you're about to step out onto a beach littered with jasmine flowers. And even though the scent may be drastically different from Bobbi Brown's Beach perfume — or Beach Walk from Maison Margiela's Replica collection, or any of the other fan favorites — this ultimately works in your favor; no matter if you prefer a sweet, floral fragrance, non-floral perfumes, or something dark and seductive, one of the beach-inspired scents listed below probably will catch your eye.

So, without further ado, continue scrolling down to browse 20 fan-favorite — and completely unique — beach-inspired fragrances.


The Scent Of Flowers On The Beach

Subtly transition from your spring perfume into something more summery with Fresh's jasmine-infused fragrance.


Tom Ford's Sultry Take

Leave it to Tom Ford to create the steamiest version yet: This seasonal scent is warm and spicy, with a subtle touch of coco de mer.


An Affordable Perfume For On The Go

Grab this nontraditional beach aroma if you're looking for something tropical, sans citrus or florals.


A Bobbi Brown Classic

A nearly perfect rating on Bobbi Brown's website proves this perfume is worthy of its name.


A Salty Floral Scent (For Under $25)

This inexpensive body mist features six separate scents — and five of them are inspired by tropical fruits or the ocean.


Giorgio Armani's Mediterranean Inspiration

Inspired by the Mediterranean Sea, this sparkling perfume blends together citrus, cedar, and bright floral notes.


A Unisex Cologne That Smells Like The Ocean

Spritz on Jo Malone London's aquatic cologne if you want to smell like the waves (and possibly even better than them, too).


A Long Walk On The Beach (In A Bottle)

Maison Margiela's cult-famous Replica collection tackled one of the most romantic activities of all time; and judging by the hundreds of reviews, the house got it exactly right.


A Surprisingly Summery Fan-Favorite Scent

Sephora fans keep coming back to this Brazil-inspired perfume, and its unexpectedly tropical mix of pistachio and caramel.


The Smell Of A Luxury Beach Vacation

Over 1,300 reviews have been written for Aerin Beauty's tropical perfume on Nordstrom's site alone; pick it up if you prefer a scent that's as sophisticated as it is summery.


The Under-$20 Fragrance For Your Beach Bag

Sephora calls this scent "like sweet paradise found" in the product description, and more than 500 perfect reviews show beauty fans seem to agree.


The New Scent For Summer

Recently released and infused with a salty vanilla scent, this perfume from Juliette Has a Gun is on track to become seriously popular.


A Tropical Scent With A Cult Following

Previously known across the internet as the fragrance of Anthropologie, enthusiastic reviews on the brand's own site prove the beachy scent makes the perfect perfume, too.


A Perfume For Lounging On The Sand

Although it's inspired by the ocean, Tory Burch's Bel Azur is a complex one — it marries bergamot, neroli, vetiver, and cedar into one scent.


A Secret Anthropologie Gem

At only $18, reviews note these perfumes are shockingly long lasting; grab the Outremer Eau De Toilette in Oceane for an aquatic, sea salt-infused fragrance.


A Mix Between Beachy & Floral

A quote from Jean-Claude Ellena in the product description gives a peak into Hermè's unique perfume: "A new idea of freshness that is rather unusual; green and vegetal scents; the smell of water and sand.”


A Floral Perfume Inspired By The Sea

Tocca's Bianca isn't scented like the seaside cliffs that inspired it: instead, the brand captures the aesthetic by blending green tea, rose, and lemon.


A Sweet Way To Greet Summer

Light and sweet, the Body Shop's highly rated Coconut Body Mist gets its popular scent from Brazilian sugar cane essence.


A Saint Tropez-Scented Body Spray

Though all four Perfect Escape scents are beachy enough for the season, the Saint Tropez-inspired "Beach Dreams Forever" (and its coconut water scent) deserves a spot on your vanity.


An Ode To Swimsuit Season

One spritz of Estée Lauder's Bronze Goddess will have you daydreaming of days spent lounging at the beach. It combines amber, citrus, and florals to trigger your favorite sun-soaked memories.