The 49 Best Things On Amazon Under $50 With Thousands Of 5-Star Reviews

Splurging on luxury products and the latest high-tech gadgets can be fun, but it’s hard to beat the sheer satisfaction that comes with a budget-friendly buy that vastly improves your life. Though these types of gems often taking some digging to discover, you'll find 50 of the best things on Amazon under $50 rounded up ahead, each of which have thousands of five-star reviews from satisfied shoppers backing up their claims.

Though the products on this list span just about every imaginable category — fashion and beauty, travel and home, cooking, tech, fitness, and more — they all share two things in common: an under-$50 price tag and an unbelievable amount of rave reviews from Amazon shoppers like yourself. The other thing that makes these finds so great? They're guaranteed to make your life easier, less stressful, or more enjoyable in some way. Whether you're looking for products that'll get you out of the door quicker, make traveling more seamless, or transform your home into a more comfortable, organized space, there's a smart, affordable solution on this list that can help — plus some cult-favorite beauty buys and must-have fashion pieces for good measure.

Scroll on to shop 50 of the best products on Amazon right now.

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1. A One-Step Hair Tool That Cuts Styling Time In Half

This one-step ionic hair dryer and styler dries, detangles, and and smooths hair all at the same time. The result? A salon-level blowout... fast. And less drying time equals less heat damage, which is why users rave that this beauty tool leaves their hair looking its healthiest, shiniest best.

2. The Cult-Favorite Clay Mask That Everyone Should Own

This incredibly popular budget beauty buy has just one ingredient: calcium bentonite clay, which you mix with either water or apple cider vinegar to create a clarifying face mask. It can also be used on other parts of your body or mixed in with your bath, but it's the skin-improving properties that has users with acne-prone, sensitive, and oily skin all praising this simple clay powder, raving that it's "unlike any mask" they've used before.

3. A Cold Brew Coffee Maker That Couldn't Be Easier To Use

If you're serious about your coffee, the Takeya cold brew coffee maker produces cup after cup of smooth, rich-tasting coffee without the bitterness hot-brewing can often generate. Combine coffee grounds with cold water, refrigerate overnight, and voila: you're ready to go. Serve iced or mixed with boiling water if you prefer it piping hot. Either way, it's delicious!

4. A Set Of Affordable Makeup Sponges That Work Just As Well As Their Pricier Counterparts

You can use these non-latex makeup sponges wet or dry to apply and blend makeup and foundation like a pro. There's a rounder side for larger areas of the face and a narrower, pointed end for getting in around the eyes, mouth, and nose. They work just as well as any other brand-name makeup sponge, though they cost much less: just $9 for five big sponges.

5. A Set Of Luxe Satin Pillowcases For Healthier Hair & Skin

If you want your hair to look as fantastic when you wake up as it does when you hit the sheets, rest your head on these satin pillowcases. They produce less friction than cotton or flannel pillowcases, which prevents your hair from tangling, knotting, or breaking overnight. They're also gentler on skin, which means no more "pillow lines" on your face when you wake up. Choose from 15 colors.

6. The Perfect Sized Makeup Case For Traveling

This durable, waterproof makeup bag is a traveler's dream. Pack up all of your cosmetics, tools, and toiletries in the adjustable compartments or multiple slots — the bag's padding ensures your items stay organized and secure. It's sold in tons of fun colors and prints, too, whether you love light pink or gray marble.

7. An Essential Oil Diffuser That Makes Your Room Look & Smell Beautiful

Though small, this stylish essential oil diffuser makes a big impact in any room. All it takes is some water and a few drops of your favorite essential oil to emit up to six hours of a fragrant, cooling mist (the extra moisture in the air is also great for skin!). Extra features like a color-changing light, automatic shut off when the water runs out, adjustable brightness, and a nightlight option make this one of the best aromatherapy diffusers around.

8. An Amazing Cosmetics Organizer With 360-Degree Rotation

Buy this AmeiTech makeup organizer and never dig through messy drawers or cluttered makeup bags again. It's smartly designed to hold the most while taking up the least amount of space, and the adjustable, rotating design makes it easy to access whatever you need in seconds. It even has slots for brushes, lipsticks, and other small items, and it couldn't be easier to set up.

9. A Sleek, Spacious Wallet With RFID-Blocking Technology

This stylish vegan wallet features 18 card slots, a driver's license window, and two zippered pockets to hold cash, cards, and change. There's even enough storage for a cell phone and checkbook, too. RFID (radio frequency identification) blocking technology prevents your data from being scanned, which is essential for keeping yourself protected from would-be identity and credit card thieves, making it especially useful for travel. Get it in 40 different colors.

10. An Insider-Favorite Moisturizer For Your Face & Body

CeraVe's classic moisturizing cream features two key ingredients for fighting dry, flaky skin: the so-called "miracle" hyaluronic acid for plumper, softer skin, and ceramides, which Meghan Feely, MD, FAAD, a board certified dermatologist who serves as a clinical instructor at Mount Sinai’s Department of Dermatology, explains makes the skin "waterproof" (which means it better retains moisture). It's safe for use all over your body and face, with a gentle fragrance-free formula that's even effective for people with eczema.

11. A Set Of Quality Makeup Brushes At A Can't-Beat Price

This affordable set of makeup brushes has reviewers praising their quality, feel, and durability. For under $15, you get 14 brushes for your face, eyes, brows, and lips. Over 6,000 reviewers gave this set a perfect five-star review, calling them a "great for sensitive skin" and "as good as high-end brushes." Choose from four colors.

12. A Popular Electric Toothbrush At An Unbeatable Price

Once you've used an electric toothbrush like the Oral-B White Pro 1000, it's nearly impossible to go back to handheld without feeling like something is missing. Electric toothbrushes provide superior cleaning and plaque-removal and do so more gently for improved gum health. This toothbrush comes with a smart sensor that stops you from brushing too hard and a timer to keep you cleaning for the full dentist-recommended two minutes, plus a compact head so you can more easily reach towards the back of your mouth.

13. These Highly-Rated Leggings With A Hidden Pocket — & They Come In Over 30 Colors

Nearly 6,000 reviewers are way into these stylish yoga pants that move with your body and stay up without tugging. The fit is comfortable, the material doesn't appear thin or see-through even when you're bent over, and there are two outside pockets and a third hidden one to store your keys, cell, or cash. Plus, they're sold in over 30 versatile colors, as well as a few fun space dye prints.

14. The Only Pair Of Tweezers You'll Ever Need To Buy

For an item most of us don't spend much time thinking about, a good pair of tweezers can make such a positive impact in your life. The angled tips on these best-selling stainless steel tweezers allow you to grab even the finest of facial and brow hairs with ease. And, since they're so high-quality, they'll literally last you a lifetime.

15. An Easy To Use Smart Plug With Over 20,000 Five-Star Reviews

Reviewers love this easy-to-set-up, voice-controlled smart plug, giving it an average customer rating of 4.7 stars. All you need to use it is an Alexa device or the Alexa app, and you'll be able to turn on and off lights, start your coffee maker, protect your home when you're away, schedule your life, and more.

16. A Cult-Classic Facial Spray Made With Soothing Aloe & Rosewater

Keep this beloved makeup spray within arm's reach for a dewy finish to your makeup routine. Just spritz some on a brush or sponge to blend in foundation, or mist your face directly as a last step. It also feels great on skin as a mid-day pick-me-up (pro tip: keep this stored in the refrigerator for an extra refreshing feel).

17. A Thick, Cushioned Yoga Mat That Comes With A Carrying Strap

This cushioned yoga mat will give you more support for your workouts. It's double-sided and slip-resistant, and thicker than average for added comfort and cushioning, which is particularly appealing to people who find their knees, wrists, or backs feel sore after a yoga class. It comes in seven colors with a handy strap for carrying.

18. A Foot Peel That Miraculously Makes Your Skin Baby Soft

Using a blend of fruit acid and lactic acid, these miracle foot peels get rid of even the driest, flakiest, most cracked skin on your toes, feet, and heels. Wear the booties for 60-90 minutes, and in three to seven days, the dead skin starts peeling off. After your shedding period is over, you're left with ridiculously soft, smooth feet.

19. A Purse Organizer So You'll Never Have To Dig For Your Keys Again

This purse organizer is one of those "how did I live without this?" products. It will instantly end the hassle of rifling through your bag looking for a pen/mints/aspirin, because all of your items are neatly stashed in one of the 13 pockets right where you left them. Choose from a range of colors and sizes.

20. A Best-Selling Serum For Stronger, Thicker Lashes

Pronexa Hairgenics Lavish Lash has racked up thouands of five-star reviews from people swearing that the OTC product gave them fuller, healthier-looking eyelashes with consistent application. Use this hypoallergenic, clinically tested product once a day for at least 60 days and you'll have lashes that people swear are "thicker, longer, and gorgeous."

21. A Pair of Cubic Zirconia Earrings That Look Like Real Diamonds

These are classic, wear-with-everything faux diamond earrings that glitter and shine like the real thing — at a fraction of the price. "The first time I wore [them], I was asked if they were real diamonds," wrote one reviewer. Choose from platinum, rose gold, or yellow gold plating.

22. A Touch-Controlled Lamp That Emits A Warm, Cozy Glow (In Any Color!)

It would be faster to list what this touch-controlled table lamp doesn't do than what it does, because it does it all. With just a touch anywhere on its base, turn it on, off, and pick one of three levels of brightness. You can also choose to rotate through a rainbow of soothing colors, or pick one hue and stick with it. It's bright enough for reading and working, or set it low for a relaxing, dimly lit glow.

23. A Four-Pack Of Classic Lip Balms To Stash Everywhere

These Burt's Bees lip balms are full of moisturizing ingredients (like coconut oil, beeswax, and shea butter) to keep your lips healthy, hydrated, and soft. What's better, they come in a four-pack in assorted "flavors:" Choose from cucumber mint, vanilla bean, pomegranate, honey, and more, or try out one of the variety packs that includes an assortment of each.

24. This Stylish Shower Cap With A Decorative Knot At The Front

Not only is this shower cap stylish, but it's completely waterproof (thanks to its nylon build). There's also an elastic band around the edge to ensure a snug fit, and it's decorated with a knot in the front. This cap in particulate boasts and black-and-white striped design, but there are more colors and patters at the Kitsch store.

25. An Anti-Thinning Shampoo That Promotes Stronger, Fuller-Looking Hair

Up to 85% of men and 50% of women will experience some form of hair loss in their lifetimes. If that's you, PURA D'OR's vegan, cruelty-free anti-thinning shampoo can help encourage thickness and growth (which means, even if you're not dealing with hair loss, it's still a great nourishing shampoo.) The ingredients include saw palmetto to reduce thinning, Biotin, a vitamin that promotes hair growth, tea tree and vitamin E for scalp health, and more. Even formerly skeptical users admit they've experienced less shedding and improved hair texture after they started using this shampoo.

26. A Luxuriously-Soft Throw Blanket For Maximum Coziness

Made of microfiber, this faux fur throw is the softest, coziest, cuddliest blanket around. It looks fantastic, too, adding a nice touch to a chair, couch, or bed. Bonus: it's machine washable on the cold, gentle cycle, and comes out as soft and fluffy as before. Choose from 17 colors, from minimalist neutrals to soft, colorful pastels. Available sizes: Twin, Queen/Full, King, 50" x 75", 60" x 70"

27. An Under-$5 Mascara That Creates Dramatic-Looking Lashes

If you want dramatic eyelashes without the drama of applying fake ones, try the essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara. User say it's "unreal," provides a "great bang for your buck," and features "a nice consistency that coats each lash with a highly pigmented shade of black." It's a cult-favorite in the beauty community and a best-seller among Amazon shoppers, so at just $5, it's definitely worthy trying out for yourself.

28. This Memory Foam Mattress Topper That'll Transform Your Bed

You'll never go back once you use a plush memory foam mattress topper that gently cushions your body . The topper contains gel beads that prevent overheating, making for a restful night of more zzzzs and less tossing and turning. Choose from two levels of thickness: 2 inches or 3 inches. Available sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, RV Queen, King, California King

29. A RFID-Blocking Card Case With Room For All Your Essentials

This slim leather wallet was designed for minimalists who want to carry their wallets in their front or back pockets without creating unnecessary bulk. At 0.12 inches thick, it still has tons of room for your cash, ID, and credit cards, as well as RFID blocking technology to keep yourself protected from digital theft. Choose from 40 different colors and styles.

30. A Skin-Soothing Toner That Leaves Your Face Soft & Hydrated, Not Dry & Tight

Witch hazel is a popular way to gently clean and balance your skin (and care for minor cuts and irritations). This iconic Thayer's toner is from a company that's been caring for skin naturally since 1847. The formula contains organic witch hazel grown exclusively for the brand, plus skin-soothers like rose water and aloe vera. It's made without alcohol, parabens, phthalates, or gluten, and unlike most other toners, it leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized, not stripped and tight.

31. The Most Versatile Pan In Your Kitchen

What made nearly 20,000 reviewers give this cast iron skillet an average rating of 4.4 stars? Maybe because it's an all-purpose kitchen tool that's perfectly weighted, heats evenly, and can be used in the oven or on the stovetop. There's no reason to have a million different pots and pans in your cabinet when you have this trusty skillet on hand.

32. A Pair Of Wireless Earbuds At An Unbelievable Price

It's hard to believe you can buy these wireless earbuds for under $50. Designed so as not to slip out of your ears (even when running), they come with a charging case, pair with Bluetooth-enabled devices easily, and have a long-lasting battery. Get them in five colors, including black, white, or rose gold (pictured).

33. A Rapid Egg Cooker To Simplify Your Morning Routine

Poach or boil eggs in minutes with the Dash rapid egg cooker; it even has a scrambling tray to create omelettes and scrambled eggs. This is a "Paleo/Whole30 Hero," raves one user. "If you are on the fence about getting one of these, GET ONE. It really is as easy as it sounds to have a perfectly cooked egg, no guesswork. Makes healthy eating a breeze in the morning! Where has this been all my life!??!?"

34. A Massaging Shampoo Brush That Feels Heavenly On Your Scalp

Not only does this shampoo brush feel amazing on your scalp, but it serves a functional purpose, too (say, if you have long nails or don't want your manicure getting damaged). For under $10, it's worth keeping in your shower to experience an in-salon head massage from your own bathroom.

35. A Cozy Pair Of Fleece-Lined Slippers With Memory Foam Insoles

Whether you're wearing them inside the house or outside while walking your dog, these plush, quality slippers will keep your feet cozy and warm. Designed with fleece lining, memory foam insoles, and anti-skid bottoms, they have all the right features — and more — you'd want in a pair of slippers. Choose from four colors. Available sizes: 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-2

36. An Easy Way To Make Delicious (& Cute!) Waffles At Home

Create the cutest mini waffles, delicious pressed paninis, personal pizzas, and so much more using the Dash mini waffle maker. Requiring barely any effort and sold in an assortment of retro-chic colors, it couldn't be easier or less time-consuming to use. Over 5,700 reviewers gave it a perfect five-star review, writing things like "Definitely one of the best purchases I have made on Amazon so far," and "Can cook almost anything on it!"

37. An Insulated Travel Mug That Keeps Coffee Hot For Seven Hours

You want your hot drinks to stay that way, and your cold drinks to maintain maximum chill. Who doesn't? This insulated travel mug does just that. Your coffee or tea remain hot for up to seven hours, while cold drinks stay cold for up to 12. The lid is leak-proof, and can be easily flipped open for one-handed sipping. Note: though the lid is dishwasher safe, the stainless steel body must be hand washed.

38. A Shiatsu Massager With An Optional Heating Function

This consistent best-seller on Amazon has been hailed a "life saver" and "the best purchase ever" by reviewers in need of relief from neck, back, and shoulder pain. Designed with 3-D rotation, eight Shiatsu-style massage nodes, and an optional heat function, it can also be used on other body parts, like your feet, thighs, and arms. It even comes with a car adaptor so you can use it on the go.

39. The Most Comfortable Sheet Set You'll Ever Own

It's hard to believe the price of these best-selling sheets — especially considering how comfortable they are. Made of super soft microfiber, the set comes with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. The sheets are sold in 45 solid colors and stylish prints, and boast over 16,000 (!!!) perfect five-star reviews from shoppers who call them "cooler to sleep on vs cotton" and "the softest microfiber sheets that I have encountered thus far." Available sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

40. These Multi-Use Tools To Groom Your Brows, Exfoliate Your Skin, & More

If you like shaving your face for smoother skin and more even makeup application, these dermaplaning razors are the ones you want. Designed to safely exfoliate skin, as well as sculpt brows and remove unwanted hairs and peach fuzz, these tools come in a pack of three with a precision cover for shaping eyebrows.

41. A Classic Teeth Whitening Method That *Actually* Works

This classic Crest teeth whitening kit makes your smile noticeably brighter in less than a month; there's a reason why dentists and beauty editors swear by it as the only home whitening system that really works. You use the strips once a day for 30 minutes on upper and lower teeth, and you'll see a difference in 20 days (although many reviewers see changes much sooner than that). This kit also comes with two bonus one-hour express packs. Use those for one hour only and see results almost immediately.

42. A Classic Pair Of Sandals That Are Stylish, Versatile, & Easy To Slip On

These sporty-looking Nike slides are perfect for indoor use, tucked into your gym bag, or worn around town running errands. Unlike thinner flip-flops, these have a cushioned sole for more support, a lined upper band that keeps them from rubbing uncomfortably across the top of your foot, and a footbed with raised grips to prevent feet from slipping around. Choose from an assortment of color combos, including neon pink and white or black and metallic gold.

43. A Professional-Grade Jewelry Cleaner To Make Your Jewelry (& Other Trinkets) Look New Again

Clean jewelry, as well as eyeglasses, sunglasses, waterproof watches, badges, valves, coins, and more with Magnasonic professional ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. All you need is water (although a mild dish soap or jewelry cleaner can be used) and the ultrasonic waves will remove dirt in just minutes. Even the pros are impressed, like this reviewer who wrote, "I'm a pro jeweler. I’ve been in the jewelry business for decades now. Simply, this Magnasonic is the best ultrasonic cleaner at this price point!"

44. A Wireless Charger For Your Smart Phone & AirPods

Someday, someone will finally solve the great disappearing charger mystery, but until that genius comes along, this affordable wireless charger should make life easier. Put one in every room in the house to charge smart phones or AirPods. It charges through most cases, it's lightweight, and it acts as a nice travel or backup charger for your bedroom or office.

45. A Handheld Massager That Comes With Tons Of Different Attachments

Give yourself a DIY deep tissue massage with this powerful handheld massager. Sold in two colors — black and white — the best-selling device is cordless, easily rechargeable, and comes with five different "heads" to give yourself various types of massages all over your body. Reviewers rave about its long-lasting battery and effectiveness at relieving body pain, and swear you can't find a better massager for the price.

46. A Set Of Baking Sheets To Reduce Mess & Make Cleanup Easier

If you like to cook and bake, you will so enjoy this two-pack of multipurpose AmazonBasics silicone baking mats. Baking mats are convenient kitchen helpers, used in lieu of grease on a cookie sheet, and in place of foil or parchment paper in the oven (safe at up to 480 degrees), as well as laid flat on a counter for kneading and rolling dough. Though bakers in particular have embraced them, they can also be used for savory meals, too. Eco-friendly, reusable, and easy to wash, this particular set has outlines for perfect macarons every time, if that's what you use them for.

47. An Under-$15 System To Preserve & Make The Most Out Of Your Wine

The Vacu Vin Wine Saver extends the life of your wine by removing air from the bottle, so it tastes better and lasts longer. (Reviewers also note that you can use it for whiskey and Scotch.) It also comes with two bonus wine stoppers so you don't have to worry about throwing away your cork. With a 4.6-star overall rating and over 2,900 perfect five-star reviews, it's a must-buy for any wine or spirit lover.

48. A Crossbody Phone Bag With Room For Your Cards & Cash

If you'd rather not carry a bulky purse around, opt for this crossbody phone bag. It's just big enough to hold your phone, but it also has designated spots for your cards, cash, and change. It's essentially a hybrid between a phone case and a wallet, and it comes in over 10 colors.

49. A Cozy Fleece Jacket In A Wide Range Of Colors & Sizes

There are few more timeless, versatile pieces than a classic fleece zip-up, like this one from Columbia. It can be worn pretty much all year round, it'll never go out of style, and it's easy to style in so many different ways. Wear it as a jacket on cool, late summer nights, or use it as a layering piece on particularly chilly winter days. Choose from 37 colors, including classic black and white, vibrant tomato red, and an array of pastel shades like the pretty yellow, pictured. Available sizes: petite XS — 3XL The Zoe Report may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently of The Zoe Report's editorial and sales departments.