Why Tarte's Latest Launch Is More Than Just A New Foundation


All the glowing reviews from around the internet that popped up during the Tarte Babassu Foundcealer Foundation's pre-launch may've already convinced you to order it ASAP. Before Tarte's new foundation was even available to the public (it officially launched March 21), beauty writers and gurus alike were raving about its formula: It's vegan, completely buildable depending on your application, and leaves you with a natural, summery glow. What's not to love?

However, you may've missed something important about the foundation — the fact that it's not just a foundation. Sure, Tarte calls it a "foundcealer" (i.e. a foundation and concealer), but that's not all the formula is hiding. In one $39 bottle you'll get foundation, concealer, and a suite of hydrating and nourishing skincare ingredients your face may be craving. And Tarte didn't just add in a few vitamins and call it a day; the Babassu Foundcealer Foundation is formulated with vitamin-rich sunflower seeds, the skincare superstar hyaluronic acid, and babassu, a moisturizing extract found in palm trees. Oh, and SPF 20.

OK, you may be thinking that that's way too many steps in your beauty routine to pack into one product. But somehow, it seems like Tarte expertly pulled it off. You're basically set once you find your perfect shade (Babassu Foundcealer has 30 to choose from); you can pick if you'd like the product to work more like a concealer or a foundation depending on how you apply it.


On days you only want light coverage or to use it to conceal a few areas on your face, Tarte suggest to just use your fingers to apply it. Grab your trusty makeup sponge — or Tarte's customized Babassu Foundcealer Multi-Tasking Sponge ($16) — for light to medium coverage. And when you want to use the product as a traditional foundation and get that fuller coverage, use your favorite brush; Tarte also released an adorable, tropical-themed Foundcealer Brush for $28 in case you're missing a brush that's up to the task

All the while the skin-loving ingredients will be moisturizing and refreshing your face, regardless of how you use it. Ready to see why reviewers are already so impressed with Tarte's new foundation? Grab it and any of the companion products you need below.