Sunday Riley Just Launched The Perfect Product To Transition Your Skincare Routine Into Fall


As fall 2019 approaches, it's time to prepare your skincare routine for yet another skin-saving superhero: ceramides. Naturally found in your skin's moisture barrier (and quickly becoming a popular ingredient), the lipids are just one player in the organ's delicate balancing act — and the star of Sunday Riley's new ICE Ceramide Moisturizing Cream, available online as of Sept. 3. Described as a "pro-ceramide" formula on Sephora's product page, the cult beauty brand's latest moisturizer was created to assist and replenish your body's natural ceramide levels.

Naturally, this can have a profound effect on your skin. The $65 ICE cream is formulated with a dose of plain ceramides, the vitamin F, and coconut fruit extract; all of which work to rejuvenate your skin's moisture-retaining ability. As the ceramides assist in repairing any breakages found in your skin's barrier, the vitamin F acts as a foundation for future lipids, while the coconut extract makes sure this newfound moisture won't be lost (through a process called Transepidermal Water Loss, or TEWL).

The results? Plump, strong, and soothed skin that can deal with any transitional weather soon to come. This means that the pro-ceramide ICE cream should also be on your shopping list if the chillier seasons cause your skin to become dry or itchy; the barrier-repairing formula can put a stop to that cold-weather irritation.


It won't be difficult at all to add the ICE cream into your routine: Sephora's product description notes that it should be layered on as the last step, in order to seal in any products and moisture (think of it like the grand finale of your routine). This also means you can use the moisturizer during your next long flight, according to Sunday Riley's own website — keeping moisture locked into your skin and that dry plane air far, far away.

With fall right around the corner — and cool, moisture-draining weather coming with it — now is the perfect time to begin incorporating something new into your skincare routine. You can find the new ICE Ceramide Moisturizing Cream on SundayRiley.com, Sephora.com, or in-stores at Sephora. Ahead, a link straight to Sunday Riley's newest, skin-repairing moisturizer.