Sophie Turner Just Gave The Half-Up Hairstyle A Chic Refresh

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Leave it to the street style queen to turn jeans into a certified red-carpet look. This fiercely fashionable actor basically just wore your go-to Saturday outfit to Weds.'s photocall for X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Sophie Turner's retro half-up hairstyle, however, gave your favorite ensemble a modish twist.

The Brit is back on her home turf to promote her new Marvel film and, well, you should have expected her to break all the rules of the red carpet in true Sophie Turner style. She's just not one for frills and ruffles, so at Weds.'s London event, she opted for an elevated version of her everyday look instead.

Keeping to her cool-girl style, she wore a pair of baggy, high-waisted jeans with a racing stripe down the side and a cropped white sweater with metallic trim reminiscent of something you might actually see in the film. The look is by Louis Vuitton, of course, for which the actor is an ambassador.

The real MVP of Turner's casual outfit, though, was a bouncy, vintage-inspired updo. Her blonde hair was slicked back on top and secured with a big, hair-wrapped ponytail. The rest of it rested voluminously on her shoulders flipping inward in the style of Jane Fonda circa 1965.

This is a look her hairstylist, Christian Wood, hasn't given her before. Turner typically wears her hair in deep side-parted waves or stick straight. She debuts an updo now and again for special occasions and it's usually a super-long or loose and wavy ponytail. Her latest, though, makes her look like one of those supermodels from decades past.

Hair trends of the '60s and '70s have resurfaced, as you can see by the many scarves, bows, and ribbons packed into Sephora's hair accessory aisles these days. This retro updo is the perfect way to turn your average half-up hairstyle into a swoon-worthy throwback look. Lucky for you, it's also pretty failproof, especially with these products, ahead.

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