Song Of Style's New Revolve Collection Has An Insta-Worthy Outfit For Every Occasion


When you think of top global fashion influencers, the name Aimee Song is one that likely comes to mind first. After all, since launching her blog in 2008, Song has gone on to be featured in Forbes' 30 Under 30, become a New York Times bestselling author, and acquired 5.2 million followers on Instagram. But now, the mega-influencer is adding the title of designer to her already impressive resume with the release of Song of Style's Revolve collection.

Launched May 13, the Song of Style line is Revolve's first long-term influencer collection produced by design house Alliance Apparel. Song's ready-to-wear collection ranges from $88 to $298 and is exclusively available for purchase at Revolve.com as well as on SongofStyle.com. And given her first announcement for the collection on Instagram garnered over 114,000 likes, there's no doubt these styles are going to be flying off the digital shelves in no time.

"I’ve worked closely with Revolve for nearly nine years now, so there was a natural synergy in coming together to create my first apparel project," said Aimee Song in a press release from the brand. "I trust them both personally and professionally to help me bring my creative vision to life. Revolve’s existing infrastructure allows me the freedom to focus on creative concepts and provide immense support in marketing my product to my amazing Song of Style community."

So, what can you expect to see in the first drop? According to a press release from the brand, Song took inspiration from '80s and '90s style icons Princess Diana and Sex and the City’s Samantha Jones to create easy-to-wear clean, modern pieces with a feminine feel. These references come across the strongest when you look at the chic suiting sets and styles like the Etta Blazer Mini Dress as well as the tweed Elma Jacket Top with matching Cloe Skort — where there's a professional silhouette that's been given an elevated, sexy twist.

However, within the mix you'll not only be able to pick up stylish summer workwear staples, but vacation-ready pieces, too. From eye-catching floral dresses and breezy pants to floaty skirts and shoulder-baring tops, this collection is a one-stop-shop for securing all your summer getaway outfits.

So without further ado, continue on to start snagging styles before they sell out and head over to the site to scoop up even more — because if they've been dreamt up by Song, you know they're definitely photo-worthy.