100% Of The Profits From Sol de Janeiro's New Hand Sanitizer Go Back To An Amazing Cause

Sol de Janeiro/Instagram
Sol de Janeiro's Brazilian Touch Hand Sanitizer Spray in bottle.

Anyone who visited Sephora's website throughout 2019 could follow along with the meteoric rise of cult-favorite beauty brand Sol de Janeiro — and for those that used its products, its expansion into haircare and the lifestyle space also smelled really, really good. (You can thank its iconic scent Cheirosa '62 for that.) Even so, no one could've guessed in 2019 that one of the brand's hottest new launches for 2020 would be Sol de Janeiro's Brazilian Touch Hand Sanitizer Spray, which was unveiled via social media on May 9.

Though you would be correct to assume it's (lightly) scented with Cheirosa '62 as well, the fragrance of the immensely popular Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. More importantly, though, is where the money from the $10 hand sanitizer will wind up. "100% of profits from the sale of our Brazilian Touch Hand Sanitizer on soldejaneiro.com will directly benefit Bayada Home Healthcare and their home health care staff who care for the elderly and the most vulnerable," the brand explained on the Instagram post announcing the new hand sanitizer. "We will be donating 10,000 Brazilian Touch Hand Sanitizers to this organization, so close to our heart.⁠"

While the Brazilian Touch Hand Sanitizer is formulated with 80 percent alcohol — "Following the recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the FDA," added the brand on the same IG post — Sol de Janeiro also included the moisture-attracting humectant glycerin to keep your hands hydrated and happy.

Courtesy of Sol de Janeiro

Moreover, the formula is designed to clean your hands sans residue and, since it's wrapped up in an easy-to-use spray bottle, with just a spritz from the pump. The 90-milliliter bottle is convenient enough to toss into your bag if you do happen to need to leave your house, too. (Just make sure the nozzle's cap is back on.)

Ready to try out a hand sanitizer that smells great, moisturizes your skin, and gives back to a healthcare provider? To order Sol de Janeiro's Brazilian Touch Hand Sanitizer Spray, visit the beauty brand's website.

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