This Fan-Favorite K-Beauty Brand Launched 3 Super Affordable Face Masks

SKINFOOD new Food Masks: How they work, how to use them, and ingredients.

You know the feeling of staring at the produce in your fridge, deciding which fruit or veggie to use for dinner? SKINFOOD's new Food Masks are bringing that variety to your masking routine. On Sept. 24, the cult-favorite Korean beauty brand launched three new face masks that, like the rest of the SKINFOOD line, look like they were plucked off the shelf at a farmer's market. Better yet, each new Food Mask zeroes in on key ingredients — lavender, apricot, and a pear-mint duo — so that you always know exactly which one to reach for.

Available on SKINFOOD's website for $16 a pop, the three-piece Food Mask collection targets six unique skincare goals: cleansing and refreshing, calming and purifying, and hydrating and soothing. The Pear Mint Food Mask, made with kaolin clay, is your most traditional-looking of the bunch. It uses 10 percent pear extract and 5 percent mint complex to cleanse and refresh your skin, a process assisted by the clay's ability to deep clean pollutants, impurities, and excess oil. Unlike the two other Food Masks, the Pear Mint mask only needs to be left on for three to five minutes — and you can use it to spot-treat certain oil- or spot-prone areas, too.

On the other hand, the Apricot Food Mask features koalin, but uses the popular ingredient as a way help sooth and clear sensitive skin. As you can probably already guess from its name, SKINFOOD included 10 percent apricot extract as well as calamine, a topical medication used to calm down skin irritations. So, feel free to slather it on if wearing an actual mask all day leaves your skin feeling rough — SKINFOOD points out right on its website that the Apricot blend can treat the dreaded maskne.

Madge Maril

Finally, the Lavender Food Mask is a go-to whenever your skin is feeling dry. Formulated with the humectant panthenol and 10 percent lavender flower water, it has the most interesting texture of the trio, by far. The jelly-like mask legitimately looks just like the insides of a fresh pot of jam. It's cute, but also a perk, since the gel-type mask can be stored in your fridge to make it even more relaxing and cooling.

Though just remember that this "food" is for your face, even if it looks like it belongs on toast. Below, all three new face masks from SKINFOOD's Food Mask collection, now online via the brand's U.S. website.

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