You Can Shop Off-White's Meteor Bag From The Runway Right This Moment

by Shelby Ying Hyde
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Courtesy of Off-White
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Creative Director, Virgil Abloh's presence was noticeably absent from Off-White's runway show in Paris this week, doctor's orders. But the collection had the founder's distinct tongue-in-cheek aesthetic and signature details running through its veins. Marrying this idea that destruction and beauty go hand in hand, the offering consisted of 37 looks, of which included a multitude of bag shapes. And though there were several similar iterations on the runway, there's one in particular that is bound to catch, and keep your attention — giving you the perfect opportunity to shop Off-White's Meteor bag on Sept. 29, hot off the heels of its debut.

Wildly impractical, but too fun to pass up, the new bag is crafted with gaping round holes and carved-out edges to appear as if its been struck by a meteor shower (hence the name) in tribute to the season's overarching theme of the beauty that comes from natural destruction. At this point, Abloh is almost known for creating multi-faceted collections — meaning that more often than not theres a sense of duality behind his quite literal interpretations.

"The collection breaks the conventional rules of fashion and style, enabling both to fall upon us all like an unexpected rain shower", the brand described in a press release. "The functionality of the purse is thereby rendered un-functional, full of holes and challenging the concept of a bag itself, one of the most common objects in our everyday lives."

Courtesy of Off-White

A thoughtful update to the label's highly-coveted Jitney bag that was introduced as a part of the Pre-Fall 2019 collection, this soon-to-come Meteor bag is crafted from smooth, yet durable, leather. This cut-out iterations designed in a well-sized shape that's fitted with a rounded top handle so you can carry it in hand. Featuring a structured silhouette, it will be available in an assortment of classic color ways — think red, black and optic white, as seen in the latest campaign.

Courtesy of Off-White

While the functionality of this bag is highly compromised by design, the brand makes up for it by offering buyers a two-in-one option that completely justifies the $1,655, price-tag. It comes with a detachable drawstring pouch, that can be used to line the inside of its open silhouette and store your belongings safely. Plus, you can always remove the internal all together and carry it by itself, as a less cumbersome option for evenings out or special occasions that call for carrying a significantly lighter load.

Courtesy of Off-White

Not yet sold? For those that still worry about matching hardware, it seems Abloh and his design team have eliminated that problem entirely by marking this Meteor style with tonal matte accents; Make note of criss-cross arrows at the front, as it's one of the the design house's many signifiers — right behind the utility-inspired belts and the zip-tie details found on both shoes and handbags, alike.

So, set your alarm, circle it on your calendar — whatever needs to be done for you to get your hands on this generous Meteor bag, long before the rest of the style set.

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