This Self-Care Brand Is Completely Redefining The Wellness Experience, One Gua Sha At A Time

Courtesy of Pink Moon
Pink Moon's gua sha tool is helpful for depuffing among other things.

Self-care can get you through a lot. But the messaging behind the products you use in your rituals are often framed in a negative light, whether that's a focus on "treating" wrinkles or "fixing" an anxious mind. It's a little outdated to say the least, but self-care brand Pink Moon, which just released a whole host of new products, is aiming to change the way you think about shopping for beauty, wellness, and skincare products.

Among this innovative brand's new drops, is an uplifting blend of essential oils that can be used in baths, with diffusers, for inhalation, and in tandem with a soon-to-launch face mask. Pink Moon also just launched a facial oil from Ode To Self and even bamboo toothbrushes.

In addition to its own line of products, the Pink Moon site also curates a large selection of items outside of its own offering that must meet several standards. For one, every brand is female-founded and has some form of philanthropic initiative. The team also selects items with women's best interests in mind, avoiding the common banalities women are often subjected to when it comes to wellness and skincare marketing.

Courtesy of Pink Moon

After being in the natural beauty industry for nearly 10 years, Pink Moon founder Lin Chen realized that there were very few "by women, for women" spaces, and wanted to change that. "There is a lot of anti-women rhetoric in the beauty industry. Narratives that teach us to be ashamed of our bodies, of our age, even of our own ambition. It isn't possible to live up to these horrific and impossible standards. They are destructive and hurtful," says Chen.

Because of this, she shifted the mentality of her business, avoiding any advertising that plays into shame. "We don't believe in using fear, shame, or guilt-based marketing. I don't want the Pink Moon experience to be riddled with anxieties or fear about external beauty. I want it to be filled with encouragement. I want women to come as they are, and to know that they are valued and worthy of treating themselves with the love and compassion they deserve," she says.

Courtesy of Pink Moon

Chen solidified the importance of her own self-care routine after getting out of a toxic relationship four years ago, and embraced gua sha, yoga, and even things as simple as just washing her face, renaming the act of self-care itself. "I like to call self-care 'soul-care and 'wellcare,' because, essentially, it encompasses mental and emotional wellbeing as well as physical health and healthcare. Self-care is essential for me," says Chen. Pink Moon's site completely reflects her perspective, carrying everything from face wash and shampoo to candles and facial massagers.

But she's going beyond an e-commerce platform that just sells products, "I'm planning to launch a community board, kind of like a social network, to further my mission of creating a more inclusive and interactive beauty space that’s categorized by phase of life. This would give women a safe space to talk about wellness, sustainability, life's joys and challenges, and meet holistic practitioners and ask them questions." She's also working to add monthly memberships, group masterclasses, and even one-on-one house calls with practitioners.

Courtesy of Pink Moon

In the long run, her biggest dream — that has faced a slight delay — is opening a physical space in New York City for women. But while the wait for being together again in self-care spaces continues, you can shop a few products the brand just released, below.

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