Saturday Skin's New Face Mask Is A Beginner-Friendly Approach To Retinol

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Saturday Skin
Saturday Skin's Yuzu Vitamin C Sleep Mask in jar.
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The first thing you'll notice about Saturday Skin's new Yuzu Vitamin C Sleep Mask is the texture. OK, maybe the color will catch your eye before that — since in a sea of green and gray face masks, the cheerful golden hue stands out. But once you take a look inside the jar, you'll find a jelly-like formula, strewn through with tiny encapsulated vitamin beads. Honestly, if you didn't know better, you might mistake it for a very chic jar of fruit preserves.

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Which it is, in a way, just for your skin instead of your fridge. The $29 overnight treatment arrived this July on Sephora's website, the latest Saturday Skin mask available at the beauty retailer. (The K-beauty brand is known for its Intense Hydration Mask, though the Spotlight Brightening Mask and Cotton Cloud Probiotic Power Mask have won over fans, too.) Although you can probably tell from the product's name, it taps into the vitamin C prowess of the yuzu fruit, a lemon-looking citrus with a yellow peel you can't miss.

"We created this yummy mask after being inspired by the Yuzu fruit’s beautiful history of being used for medicinal and skincare purposes in Asia," Saturday Skin explained in an Instagram post. "The Yuzu citrus fruit is naturally packed with a high concentration of Vitamin C (3x more than other citrus fruits!), which helps boost the appearance of bright, healthy skin. You’ll love your morning glow!⁣"


Texture-smoothing niacinamide and retinol — the perpetual fan favorite — work together to enhance this natural vitamin source. Those new to the latter ingredient might prefer introducing it via the low-key sleep mask, as well: According to the product description, you can apply the overnight sleeping mask three to five times per week. Similar to the niacinamide, the mask's retinol is used to even skin texture — as well as all the things retinol is famous for, such as decreasing lines and plumping up your skin.

So, when you wake up the next morning, you'll already be one step ahead of your skincare routine. Below, Saturday Skin's new Yuzu Vitamin C Sleep Mask, available on Sephora's website.

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