The Unexpected Ingredient That Makes Sand & Sky’s New Collection So Hydrating

Courtesy of Sand & Sky
Sand & Sky's newest launch features two super quenching products — a moisturizer and serum.

If dry skin is a frequent (unwelcome) visitor, you've probably been through your fair share of products that feel more like a light sip of water than the pool you'd rather be submerging your face in. Made to change that — and raise the bar when it comes to hydration — is Sand & Sky's Tasmanian Spring Water collection — two new products that harness the potency of a few unfamiliar, but effective ingredients.

Making its way into the world on Aug. 24, the collection consists of the Tasmanian Water Splash Serum ($59.90) and the Tasmanian Water Hydration Boost Cream ($49.90) — two items fans of the brand have been begging for. "We listen to everything they’re saying, and for over two years they were shouting out for a daily use hydrating product to pair back with our Australian Pink Clay favorites to round out their routine," says Sarah Hamilton, founder and CEO of Sand & Sky, in an email to TZR. "We currently have an Australian Emu Apple serum called the Dreamy Glow Drops that’s all about radiance and glow, so we knew we wanted a different serum that specifically focused on deep-penetrating hydration that went beyond."

And what makes these products go that extra mile is a component that's yet to be found in other skincare products: Tasmanian spring water. Sand & Sky is already well-known for its dedication to finding and sustainably sourcing native Australian ingredients (read: pink clay and emu apple) that may not be mainstream, but still improve your skin, and this newest one is no exception.

Courtesy of Sand & Sky

The serum and moisturizer are both full of this clean, magnesium- and calcium-rich water, which hydrates your skin and helps balance out its pH levels. "We were searching for the purest water from the world’s purest place, and we knew Tasmanian water was it," says Hamilton.

While both products contain that ingredient, hyaluronic acid, and fermented sea kelp (which prevents fine lines), they work in unique ways. "The main difference is that the Splash Serum uses bifida ferment and the Hydration Boost Cream uses red algae. While they seamlessly work with Tasmanian Water to strengthen the skin, bifida ferment, which is a probiotic, reinforces the skin barrier by enhancing the skin’s protection against environmental aggressors. It reduces sensitivity, inflammation, and diminishes dryness, meaning unparalleled moisture retention and lasting relief from dryness," she says.

Red algae on the other hand, creates somewhat of a "protective second skin," according to Hamilton. "This is done by reducing transepidermal water loss, so you’ll experience unparalleled hydration, smoothness and comfort from the very first application."

Courtesy of Sand & Sky

The main motivation behind revamping your classic hydrating formulas was the lack of benefits they provided. "They did what they said, which is to hydrate and smooth lines, but it ended there for the most part. That’s why we put all our energy into crafting the perfect formulation of ingredients that worked together to go further than any other hydrating product. It really does go back to the ethos of A-Beauty, finding that holy grail that has all the skin perfecting abilities you need," says Hamilton.

Since she personally dreads that infamous 10-step skincare routine (she only uses serum in the morning and a combo of the serum and moisturizer at night), products that put in more work are essential. "A laid-back approach that goes hand in hand with that quintessential Aussie lifestyle. We really do mean it when we say we’d rather be at the beach than in the bathroom!"

If parched skin is all too familiar, you can join the waitlist on Sand & Sky's site now, and maybe set your own reminder, too, for Aug. 24 to grab your own serum and moisturizer — customers are signing up faster than ever before to get in on this launch, so you'll want to shop as soon as possible.