This Brand-New $20 Gloss Is An Investment In Your Lips

Courtesy of Saie
Saie's new Really Great Gloss in tube.

When Saie says its new lip gloss is really great, beauty fans will believe it. From its expertly crafted mascara to its high-pigment, low-effort liquid brow pomade, the clean-ingredient-focused makeup brand might have a smaller lineup — but that just adds to the excitement, honestly. And luckily, every single Saie product lives up to the hype. Case in point: Saie's new Really Great Gloss, which launched on May 14, isn't just a gloss.

Retailing at $20 per tube, the multipurpose gloss also plays the role of lip plumper and chemical exfoliator, a not-yet-explored concept in the beauty world. "It has been standard to separate [exfoliation and lip gloss] up until now, so adding the exfoliation into our gloss is truly a first of its kind. The apple extract is a gentle exfoliator that will not strip or irritate your lips, gently sloughing away dead skin cells so the plumping and hydrating actives can do their thing," Sarah Tallman, Saie's head of product development, explains to TZR over email. "The apple extract (Pyrus malus fruit extract) is a natural chemical exfoliator."

Expect your lips to look extra plump after you swipe it on, an effect that doesn't just come from the glossy appearance. "It definitely plumps from within by using a natural Amino Acid Peptide Complex as well as hyaluronic acid and caffeine," Tallman continues. Still, you won't have to battle between your gloss and any wayward strands of hair. "It is not sticky at all — it actually feels like a super cushiony, buttery oil. So definitely no hair sticking on your mouth!" she adds.

Courtesy of Saie

Although five shades are available — ranging from barely there pink to a rich berry — each gloss features a brown sugar flavor. "We wanted the flavor to be super yummy — something you'd want to keep putting more and more on throughout the day," notes Tallman. "It's not actual brown sugar on your lips, but it uses natural flavors like vanilla to give you those brown sugar feels."

Courtesy of Saie

No matter which one you pick up, you can find the Really Great Gloss by clicking over to Saie's website, saiehello.com, or by scrolling down.

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