This New Rituel De Fille Highlighter Is Donating Profits To The Equal Justice Initiative & The Innocence Project

Rituel de Fille
Rituel de Fille's Metamorphic highlighter has a green glow to it.

Everyday makeup usually sticks to pretty basic colors. An item like your favorite highlighter probably has a rosy pink, tan, or pearly undertone to it, and colors like bright purple, green, and blue are typically reserved for maybe eyeshadows, but not much else. But recently, making its way onto shelves and breaking the classic rules, was the launch of Rituel de Fille's The Chimera Metamorphic Highlighter, a green-toned formula that's surprisingly versatile.

Released on July 4, the new highlighter consists of a bouncy crème formula in an ethereal green sheen. But rather than traditionally celebrating the holiday of its launch date or a new makeup drop, the brand decided to make sure that its customers' glow would be going toward an important cause. "We believe that there is no such thing as justice without justice for all," reads the description on the product's page. "This year, we will be celebrating the Moon Drop falling on Independence Day by donating 100% of profits from the sale of The Chimera Metamorphic Highlighter to The Equal Justice Initiative and The Innocence Project."

The new product comes in an electric lime color and joins four other Metamorphic highlighters from Rituel de Fille: The Enchantress, The High Priestess, The Sorcerer, and The Siren. According to the brand, using light the right way is essential with this product and its crème consistency should be applied to all the spaces where light hits your face for the most powerful effect.

While most of the colors are unexpected for highlighters (blue, green, purple), each one gives off a galactic luminosity that looks stunning on every skin tone, including the newest version. And even though Chimera is limited edition, if you find you're in love with the color and finish, have hope — all of the other shades were once limited edition, too, but were brought back to be permanent products.

By purchasing the highlighter, you'll be contributing to both the Equal Justice Initiative and the Innocence Project. For background, the goal of the Equal Justice Initiative is to end mass incarceration and excessive punishment by working with marginalized communities and gathering data and research to help support advocates, community leaders, and policymakers.

Similarly, the Innocence Project advocates for those wrongly convicted of crimes who are currently serving time in prison. The organization works to exonerate people through DNA testing and working on reforming the prison system on a government level.

To support both organizations, shop the new highlighter through Rituel de Fille's website or visit each organization's donation page to give directly.