Renée Rouleau's New Mint-Spiked Cleanser Aims To Prolong Your Coveted Summer Glow

Courtesy of Renée Rouleau Skin Care
Renée Rouleau just unveiled a Mint Renewal Cleanser for dull, tired skin

As the season of crisp leaves and pumpkin-spiced everything inches toward that of holiday spirit, cold, plummeting temps will threaten to strip your skin of its hard-earned glow. Humidifiers, hydration masks, and the obligatory eight glasses of water per day cover the basics of warding off a lackluster complexion, but Renée Rouleau's new Mint Renewal Cleanser demands a place in the quintessential winter skin toolkit, too.

The arrival of Rouleau's new moisture-locking, glow-boosting addition couldn't possibly be more superbly timed, as the October chill has already begun to seep into our pores and rob us of the residual radiance that summer so kindly left behind. In an Instagram unveiling of the cleanser, the esthetician-turned-CEO said she is often solicited for solutions to dull, tired skin and this, she said, is it.

The Mint Renewal Cleanser combines panthenol — a barrier-protecting humectant boasting anti-inflammatory benefits — with exfoliating lactic acid and biodegradable jojoba beads for treating dry skin and deep cleaning pores. The highlight ingredient from which it derives its name is, of course, peppermint oil, a refreshing topical multitasker proven to increase circulation, encourage fresh nutrients and brightness, and invigorate dull skin while simultaneously waking up the senses.

Courtesy of Renée Rouleau Skin Care

"Studies show that when someone smells peppermint it increases alertness and wakes up the mind — this is especially good in the morning to get you going," Rouleau said in a press release, noting in the Instagram announcement that the uplifting scent is natural; no synthetics (or sulfates, or parabens, or phthalates, or plastic) here. As well as being a morning mood booster, the cleanser works well as a post-workout refresher, too.

Because peppermint can irritate some skin types, the cleanser may not suit those with rosacea or consistent flushing and redness, the brand says. It's especially recommended for normal, oily, and combination skin that gets the occasional breakout — skin types 2 and 6 on Rouleau's proprietary list of nine. Shop the hero product below before the winter weather officially kicks in.

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