R+Co Just Introduced 2 New CBD Hair Products — & Some Earth-Friendly Packaging

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The new SUPER GARDEN CBD Shampoo and Conditioner from R+Co focus on regenerating hair and soothing s...
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There’s nothing like a hot shower or bath to wash away stress and reduce tension, especially when you have the right products lining your bathroom caddy. While bath bombs, body oils, and face masks tend to get all the self-care glory, hair care can be just as efficient in chilling you out after a long day. And two new products promising to do just that are R+Co's SUPER GARDEN CBD Shampoo and Conditioner, a duo that claims a very calming blend.

The lime green-colored combo works on all hair types and is now available for purchase on the brand’s website. The set retails for $72 (or $36 for each), which isn’t cheap when you consider the price of your average drugstore shampoos and conditioners. But featuring new eco-friendly packaging and lots of benefits to your hair make for a worthy case.

In terms of formulation, CBD — the buzzy ingredient that started taking over the wellness and beauty industries in 2019 — is included. According to the press release, the CBD in the product is hemp-derived, meaning it comes from the hemp plant and contains less than 0.3 percent THC (aka the legal allowance). The soothing ingredient is wrapped up in R+Co's beloved spicy Dark Waves scent and featured alongside of a variety of oils such as moringa, coconut, eucalyptus, and peppermint. Mixed together, these ingredients are intended to regenerate your hair, soothe your scalp and boost its circulation, and promote hair growth and luster.


As an added bonus, the brand has implemented post-consumer resource (PCR) packaging for these two products, which means items like the bottles are made from plastic waste rather than newly created plastic. And though the concept has only been implemented into these new launches for now, the brand expects to roll out this packaging into more products in the future.

Ahead, check out R+Co’s new shampoo and conditioner — two fresh candidates for boosting your self-care routine and giving your head and hair a chance to chill.

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