R+Co’s Blonde-Maintenance Collection Just Expanded With This Anti-Brassiness Mask

Courtesy of R+Co
R+Co's new Blonde Toning Masque is built for getting rid of brassy tones.

That one dreaded glance in the mirror and dramatic gasp always happens a couple weeks after your colorist appointment. It's the moment you realize the silvery platinum or cool strands that were once there are suddenly stricken with yellow and bronze tones. While brassiness is somewhat inevitable, it doesn't have to be a permanent feature between glosses and root touch ups. To blast unpleasant colors and supplement its growing collection for blondes, R+Co’s new SUNSET BLVD Blonde Toning Masque is the newest product to join the ranks.

Following behind its sister shampoo and conditioner, the Toning Masque was made to pull out brass tones with purple pigments taken from violet, rosemary, and lavender extracts. But, if you have trust issues with toning products, you're not alone. It's hard to compromise when the formula responsible for warding off brassiness usually dries out your strands, strips your hair of any moisture you tried to retain post-bleach, or leaves you with an unwanted purple cast. Thankfully, R+Co's masque is meant to work differently.

The $42 bottle can do quite a lot more than simply pull out emerging hints of orange and yellow. Inside its makeup are shea and murumuru butters, which are hydration boosters for dry, damaged hair. Providing more moisture is apple fruit extract, an ingredient that brings along softening and anti-aging properties, too.

Courtesy of R+Co

Also in the mix is hydrolyzed pearl extract, which can be credited with adding shine and an infusion of antioxidants to your hair. And, as a bonus, the emollient purple gel has a scent that's uniquely comprised of fruity notes like blood orange and juniper berry mixed with leather and wood, so your hair will be left smelling great.

To actually get the aforementioned benefits, you'll want to apply the mask after you've shampooed. Leave it in for two to five minutes, then rinse away all those yellow and orange tones. You can grab a bottle of the purple product to try for yourself, below.

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