R+Co Just Released 4 New Products That'll Simplify Your Curly Hair Routine

Courtesy of R+Co

Having curly hair is a full-time commitment. You can tell how much work can go into it just by looking at the sheer number of curly hair products on the market: There's the leave-in treatments, the masks, the shampoos for different days of the week — the list goes on and on. So, when R+Co's new CASSETTE Curl Shampoo and Conditioner dropped June 14, you may be thinking you don't have any room for it. (Literally. Your bathroom cabinet may be stocked to the brim.) If that's the case, it's time to find a spare corner. R+Co's new collection isn't just powerful, moisturizing, and protein-packed — it's also going to make your curly hair routine way more simple.

And, as you probably know, that's not a word bandied about the curly hair community very often. Yet, the R+Co collective pulled it off. Besides the CASSETTE duo, the haircare brand released two other finely-tuned curl products, each retailing for $29: the MOOD SWING Straightening Spray and the TURNTABLE Curl Defining Crème. Alongside the shampoo and conditioner, these extra products give you additional styling options, regardless of if you want to maximize your curl or straighten it down on any given day.

Courtesy of R+Co

Of course, start by snagging the shampoo and conditioner: It's the foundation of the routine. You can buy the CASSETTE Curl Shampoo and Conditioner together as a set for $58, or separately for $29 each. Each bottle contains a curl-enhancing cocktail specifically formulated for weightless, shiny, natural-looking hair. R+Co calls it its Superseed Oil Complex: a blend of moisturizing flax seed extract and scalp-conditioning chia seed extract. Rice protein, red algae extract, and hydrogenated castor oil also make an appearance in the formula (and will keep breakage and humidity away from your precious curls).

From there, add the TURNTABLE Curl Defining Crème into your routine if your curls need extra help staying summer-proof. The leave-in crème will amplify your hair shape sans crunchiness, and uses some of the same ingredients as the CASSETTE set (like rice protein, chia seed, and flax seed).

Courtesy of R+Co

Lastly, grab the MOOD SWING Straightening Spray if you, well, like to straighten your hair. It's formulated for curly and wavy tresses — just spritz it on to your hair while it's still damp and then blow dry. The spray's heat-activated polymers speed up the results of heat tools and add in a blowout-like smoothness.

With that, your curly hair routine (with bonus styling options) is done. Easy, right? The only thing left to do is scroll down and shop the four new products from R+Co, listed below.