If Regular Scrubs Are Too Much For Your Skin, Try This Facial Polish Instead

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Courtesy of Ranavat
Ranavat Imperial Glow Facial Polish tube and texture swatch.
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As a beauty brand, Ranavat is all about methodical skin care. This is a positive for consumers: Putting serious thought into products is always a plus, whether it's on the formulation side of things or what you do while you scroll through a beauty retailer. However, creating a ritualistic line inevitably leads to a slower production cycle and curated lineup in general — so, when the Ranavat Imperial Glow Facial Polish finally arrived this October, fans took note.

Though the formula definitely had something to do with it. The $42 Imperial Glow is somewhere between a cleanser and face scrub, using finely milled rice powder as the vehicle to gently "polish" your skin as you rub it in. Think of it like an exfoliating cleanser, or lower-key physical scrub; you can use it anywhere from one to three times per week, just depending on how often you want to, or if your skin is feeling particularly dry and flaky.

Since hydration is key here. The Imperial Glow formula features vegetable glycerin, sesame seed oil, and sweet almond oil, all of which keep the polish creamy and gentle once it's transformed from a balm into a milk on your skin. The adaptogen ashwagandha works alongside your lymphatic system and allows your skin to glow even brighter, helping to create that lit-from-within look that's always sought after.

Courtesy of Ranavat

Ranavat didn't skimp on the antioxidants, either. Although the facial polish is a rinse-off product, licorice root and lotus flower are both powerful free radical fighters — meaning your skin is less likely to show signs of stress caused by outside, environmental sources. (You can use Imperial Glow as a flash mask, too, if you want to really get those ingredients to work for you; it can be left on for two to three minutes that way.)

And just like other Ranavat launches, the Imperial Glow is accessible to those with sensitive skin or shopping preferences: The skin polish is cruelty-, gluten-, and synthetic-fragrance-free, as well as non-GMO and vegan. Which means even more people can indulge in Ranavat's well-curated ritual.

Below, the new Ranavat Imperial Glow.

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