Ranavat's New Moisturizer Brings Trendy Bakuchiol Back To Its Roots

by Sara Spruch-Feiner
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Michelle Ranavat knows what skincare's buzziest ingredients are, as any good founder should — but she doesn't race to launch new products incorporating them. That said, trends do serve as sources of inspiration. Her brand, Ranavat, launched in 2017 inspired by ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, and she recently relaunched it entirely, doing away with some of her initial products (resulting in a very tight lineup of just a few items), and refreshing the brand's look with new, sleeker packaging.

With the relaunch comes a new addition, Eternal Reign Renewing Bakuchi Crème — the label's first cream. If the spotlight ingredient, bakuchi, sounds familiar, it's because it's related to the buzzy bakuchiol, though it's not the same.

"Bakuchi," Ranavat explains to TZR, "is the actual seed where the active ingredient bakuchiol is found. Bakuchi is an Ayurvedic ingredient with origins tied to India and the traditional preparation is to soak the seeds overnight in water, mix with sesame oil, and ground into a paste. This mixture is then heated until no trace of the water is left and what remains is bakuchi oil in its purest form." It's an ancient method that she explains has been "known in Ayurveda to help with hyperpigmentation and for its youth-preserving capabilities."

This blend of ancient tradition and modern trends are at the heart of Ranavat's unique positioning. "When creating Eternal Reign, we wanted to showcase this incredible ingredient in its authentic preparation for best results," she says. "In the extraction format (bakuchiol), you miss out on nutrients from the whole seed and you also have more processing. Keeping things traditional is a lot more work, but we’re convinced it leads to a more effective treatment."

While bakuchi is the namesake ingredient of the cream, it's not the only notable ingredient. Ashwagandha is also featured — the adaptogen has been increasingly popular in topical skincare in the past couple years for its ability to help mitigate skin's responses to stress. Finally, lotus seed helps with hydration and elasticity.

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The result is a rich, silky moisturizer, ideal for nighttime use and features the same classic rose scent as other products from the line like the Luxurious Ceremony Cream Cleanser. "As we age and even in cooler weather, a final, more occlusive step is essential to keeping our skin hydrated for longer periods of time," Ranavat explains, noting that she recommends "building layers," when it comes to a hydrating, winter-proof regimen, starting with a hydrating mist (like the brand's Royal Tonique Jasmine Hydrating Mist) and oil (she uses her own, of course, the Radiant Rani Brightening Saffron Serum), and sealing it all in with Eternal Reign.

"Eternal Reign is such a perfect reflection of who Ranavat is as a brand," Ranavat says. "We’re taking a 'buzzy' ingredient and putting it back into the context of its origins. Sharing bakuchi seed in its original format, with its Ayurvedic process is the magic we want to bring to you so you can experience them as they were intended with their maximum healing power."

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