This New Collab At Target Means Unique Lighting For Your Space Under $100 Finally Exists


“Lighting is everything. It's one of the most important elements in a space, if not the most important,” reads a quote by interior designer Leanne Ford on Target's website. "And if you pick the right piece, it doubles as a work of art.” While this is often true of the luxurious (and expensive) lighting you spot online or in design magazines, it can also be said about the brand new, inexpensive Project 62 floor lamps that just landed at Target. Yes, thanks to Ford and Target's Project 62, you'll be able to pick up editorial-worthy lighting starting Feb. 10 — for under $100.

Need to see these lamps to believe it? Currently, quite a few pieces from the Project 62 x Leanne Ford collection have made their way to Target's retail website, ready to win you over and make over your home. The brand's corporate blog states the collection will eventually offer more than 30 pieces to choose from, though you may not be able to wait for the rest. Ford and Project 62 haven't just given Target's floor lamp selection a sleek, modern upgrade; the collection's first wave features more than 20 lighting options to illuminate your entire home, from rattan pendant lamps to simple industrial sconces.


You won't just be getting the lighting fixtures when you spend $59.99 on the modern gold floor lamp, or $149.99 on the black rattan pendant light (one of the most expensive pieces currently online) — you'll also receive vintage-inspired LED light bulbs chosen specifically for the lighting fixture.

"The light bulb is just as important as the rest of the piece, especially in these open-style lights," said Ford in a quote on Target's blog. "That's why I was so excited to include the bulbs. We are able to help create and control the look of the bulb, but also the type of light it gives off. Those are two big wins for me as a designer."


This attention to detail has won Ford fans from all over. You may know her from HGTV's Restored by the Fords, or from her interior design page on Instagram, which has nearly 100,000 followers. “Leanne’s modern, approachable aesthetic is a beautiful complement to Project 62,” said Jill Sando, senior vice president of merchandising at Target, on Target's website. “This capsule collection is the perfect way to expand our lighting assortment — especially with large-scale pieces — while giving guests even more inspiration to create their own unique looks at home.”

Oh, and one more thing: This capsule collection will only be available for a limited time. So continue scrolling down to browse 7 of the pieces listed on Target's website, and keep an eye on it for any more to come.