Priyanka Chopra Always Wears This One Piece

by Ruby Buddemeyer
TheStewartofNY/GC Images

If I draw a blank while getting dressed in the morning, I look towards Priyanka Chopra’s white blazer outfits for a little inspiration. Although the actor’s street style differs from day-to-day (wide-leg pants for a date with Nick Jonas or midi dresses for a day in New York City), you can usually count on Chopra to tie together a look with a simple, tailored jacket. The best part about her go-to piece? It pulls together any outfit — even if you're in a pinch.

White blazers don't immediately scream "practical investment," but take a look at Chopra's summer style and you'll understand her obsession. The actor has had a busy season, between announcing her engagement to Jonas and traveling to and from India, and her need for a versatile wardrobe has been evident. And white blazers go with everything from distressed denim to evening gowns.

And that's precisely why you — yes, you — should follow her lead. It doesn't matter if you reach for your tried-and-true jeans every day or if you're married to your work wardrobe five days a week, there's little a white blazer can't solve. Ahead, shop the blazer styles Chopra swears by and prepare to elevate your closet.

The Relaxed Blazer

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In early June, Chopra proved she had mastered the art of travel attire when she left New York City in powder-pink separates and a crisp blazer draped over her shoulders. The jacket at hand is Chopra's most classic-looking blazer: It's ever-so-slightly oversized and there's a pocket on either side of the lapel.

Traveling or not, you can think of this style as your every day piece — throw it over a statement outfit (as modeled by Chopra) or use it to amplify a look as simple as your favorite t-shirt and jeans. Ahead, three classic blazers to add to your wardrobe STAT.

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The Pinstripe Blazer

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If you're of the belief that a stark-white jacket reads a little stiff, let Chopra's pinstripe blazer convince you otherwise. The stripes are so faint that it almost passes as a solid, and the longer length gives off a comfortable, casual vibe. Channel Chopra by shopping these three blazers, below, some of which include bolder variations like thick, spaced-out stripes and contrasting hardware.

The Collarless Blazer

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Meet the anti-blazer blazer: Although the structured shoulders of Chopra's jacket create the illusion of a tailored blazer, look closely and you'll notice it's missing a collar and lapel. This piece is the dressiest of the actor's collection and it fits seamlessly with her assortment of breezy dresses and kitten heels. Make like Chopra and reach for a collarless blazer when your outfit needs a little extra something.