PATTARAPHAN Is The Hadid-Approved Jewelry Brand You Need In Your Collection, Stat

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As two of the most sought-after models in the industry, Gigi and Bella Hadid have access to some of the best fashion pieces in the world — so when one of them wears a label on repeat, you know it’s something good. But when both halves of the modeling duo are spotted wearing the same brand, it's time to learn the name, because there’s no doubt it’s about to be huge. Such is the case with PATTARAPHAN, one of the go-to choices for the Hadids, and it’s easy to see why.

Founded by its namesake, Pattaraphan “Nok” Salirathavibhaga, Pattaraphan captures the intersection of elegance and edge with its minimalist fine jewelry. The designer uses her name, which translates to “beautiful skin” in Thai, as inspiration for the Bangkok-based label’s designs.

“PATTARAPHAN is a collection of unpretentious, edgy fine jewelry that feels good on your skin,” she tells TZR in an email. “I believe that jewelry should be like an extension of yourself.” With these ideas in mind, Nok uses her love of experimentation, sculpture, and her Thai roots — which she says is the “DNA of PATTARAPHAN” — to create the pieces that have come to define her brand. For the Bangkok native, PATTARAPHAN’s jewelry is her way to share her life experiences, which are often intertwined with her homeland.

PATTARAPHAN’s designs carry a decidedly minimalist air, but they also hold a unique sense of cool — which would explain why It girls like the Hadids have donned them with their ensembles. And whether it’s Gigi’s $529 Diamond Pressurized Earrings, which were inspired by discarded tabs from aluminum cans, Bella’s $290 Saan Bracelet, or another style from the brand, each piece the designer creates calls back to specific moments from her life.

The label’s new Tusk Collection, according to Nok, was inspired by a piece she designed in 2015, the Tusk Earring, $265. “It draws inspiration directly from the elephant tusk and mimics the shape of the Thai number one (‘๑’),” she shares. Expanding on the concept of her earring, Nok created the collection as her interpretation of the elephant.

When it comes to styling her pieces, Nok shares that the brand’s range allows for some wiggle room for each person to get creative. “A lot of thought goes into making each jewelry piece, and I think that’s why the actual product feels easy to wear,” she says. “As long as it feels right to you, whatever you wear will look amazing.”

If you want to add this Hadid-approved brand to your jewelry collection, scroll down to shop PATTARAPHAN’s pieces below.

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