OUAI Just Expanded Its Body Line In A *Major* Way


If you've ever fantasized about lathering up with one of OUAI's incredibly unique (and perfume-worthy) fragrances — and let's be real, who hasn't — then it's time to head on over to Sephora. Revealed Oct. 3, OUAI's new Body Cleanser and Crème have arrived, and they're ready to make haircare lovers' dreams come true. The two new body products also usher in two never-before-seen scents from the fan-favorite beauty brand: Dean Street, a fruit-flavored floral, and Shibuya, a spicy, citrus-tinged bouquet of rose and violet.

Even better, the new scents were designed specifically to fit right into your existing OUAI product routine, according to the brand's blog; they complement the pre-established scents (and cult-famous products) in OUAI's catalog without overpowering them. The prices of both new products fall into line with other OUAI buys, too. The cruelty- and sulfate-free OUAI Body Cleanser goes for $28, while its whipped body butter companion, Body Crème, retails for $38.

And both have a few tricks up their sleeves — just like OUAI's other multitaskers. The Body Crème is impressively versatile; it's formulated with moisturizing cupuaçu butter, coconut oil, and squalane, as well as the same skin-friendly, bacteria-balancing probiotic (a lactobacillus ferment) found in the Body Cleanser.


Which does what, you're probably thinking. Surprising as it may be, probiotic-infused skincare products perform like yogurt or a kombucha — but their focus is on your skin's microbiome. And they can trigger a laundry list of pro-skin effects: Dr. Neil Sadick of Sadick Dermatology previously told The Zoe Report that probiotics can increase the natural production of hyaluronic acid, peptides, and vitamins. All very, very good things.


Besides that multitude of benefits, OUAI's Body Cleanser also comes with the added bonus of jojoba seed oil and rosehip oil (two of 2019's personal favorites). And even though it's made sans sulfates, OUAI's blog still promises it offers an "amazing, luxurious lather that will gently cleanse the bod while leaving your skin feeling reborn." Yes, please.

You can pick up both new OUAI body products on the brand's website, or by clicking over to Sephora. Below, OUAI's new Body Cleanser and Body Crème — because it's officially time to introduce one of the internet's favorite haircare brands to the rest of your shower routine.