Oribe's Elevating Its Fan-Favorite Silverati Haircare Collection With 2 Brand-New Products

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Oribe's new Silverati Illuminating Treatment Masque and Illuminating Pomade for gray and silver hair...

Although it may still be the definition of dreary outside, Oribe is starting February on a very bright note. Unveiled on the luxe haircare brand's website Feb. 3, Oribe's new Silverati Illuminating Treatment Masque and Pomade are a duo anyone with silver hair has probably wished for — but haven't been able to get their hands on. Unlike basic, yellow-correcting treatments that can be used for any type of light hair, Oribe's latest launch is specifically created for those with gray or white tresses, regardless of if they're natural or courtesy of a trip to the salon.

It's a smart time to expand Oribe's Silverati collection, as well, which previously offered a shampoo and conditioner. "More and more, consumers are choosing to embrace their natural hair color and texture. This shift has created a growing demand for products that nurture and enhance grey, silver, and white shades," explained a quote from Jessica Friedman, Senior Vice President of Product Development for Oribe, in a press email. "Due to this ongoing movement inspiring consumers of all ages, Oribe continues to provide products that cater to grey and silver tones."

To do so, Oribe's Silverati Illuminating Pomade and masque are formulated with gray-enhancing pigments; silver pigments in the $39 pomade, and a blend of blue and silver in the $63 masque. Both are spiked with the Oribe Signature Complex, as well, a mix of watermelon, lychee, and edelweiss flower extracts that help protect your hair (and the keratin naturally found in your tresses).

Courtesy of Oribe
Courtesy of Oribe

As you could probably guess, the masque does wonders for hydrating your hair on top of brightening its tone, thanks to its blend of argan oil, botanical extracts, and a ceramide complex. The pomade is more of an everyday solution to maintaining your hair — it adds a glossy sheen and flexible hold to silver, gray, and white hair, nourishing it all the while. Its linoleic acid fortifies your hair, too, decreasing the likelihood of breakage and smoothing down the hair cuticle.

For now, you can shop the two new products on the brand's website, or find them at Oribe salons and retailers. Below, both new Silverati products from Oribe.