Olive & June's Newest Kit Makes At-Home Pedicures Actually Easy

Courtesy of Olive & June
Olive & June Pedi System contents: nail polish remover, clean-up brush, and more.

After thoroughly revolutionizing at-home manicures everywhere, the Instagram-famous nail brand Olive & June is moving on to the next frontier: feet. On Oct. 27, Olive & June introduced the new Pedi System, an all-in-one kit created to simplify the notoriously awkward act of painting your own toenails. As it turns out, it also happens to be the most requested product from the Olive & June community — which currently includes more than 340,000 followers on Instagram alone.

Depending on your current nail collection needs, you have one of three ways to go about purchasing the new Pedi System, as well; it's available as just the tool box ($60), with one nail color ($70), or with six nail colors ($100). Each Pedi System features an impressive 11-piece tool kit: a foot file, nail file, pedicure nail clippers, mini buffer, toe separators, cuticle pusher, cuticle remover, clean-up brush, Foot Serum, Nail Polish Remover Pot, and the Posey.

The latter of which being what will tempt shoppers to try out the system. The patent-pending and ergonomic Posey foot rest is a stroke of a genius, working double time as a way to keep your toes still and poised while you go about your pedi and as a storage case for all of the aforementioned supplies. You can use just the Posey lid for a soft angle, or attach the lid to the base to create a steeper slant.

Courtesy of Olive & June

Then again, those who keep a steady supply of Olive & June's Cuticle Serum on hand might be more interested in the Foot Serum. The new foot-care product draws inspiration from the cuticle moisturizer, focusing in on hydration and vitamins to help soften feet. Slather it on once you finish your pedicure, or whenever you feel like winter weather, heavy socks, and toe-pinching boots are getting your feet down.

Courtesy of Olive & June

Go ahead and invest in Olive & June's own nail polishes if 2020 has suddenly made you aware of how sparse your own collection is. The nail brand's formula is one of the key reasons it's become such a fan favorite; they're vegan, cruelty-free, and stick to your nails for longer than you'd expect, giving salon polishes you've had professionally applied a run for their money.

Shop the new Olive & June Pedi System on oliveandjune.com, ahead.

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