This Emerging Beauty Brand Is Launching A Breakout-Fighting Cleanser That Doubles As A Mask

Courtesy of Ode To Self
Ode To Self's newest product is a cleansing balm with a variety of different oils.

Nothing against traditional cleansers, but it's rare to find a remarkable one that can do anything other than remove makeup. Balms, on the other hand, are a rather new favorite in the skincare community in the last couple of years and do far more than wipe away foundation. Still working with a wash cloth or a good ol' bottle of micellar water? Not a problem; even if you've yet to become a balm convert, Ode To Self's Bask Cleansing Balm might just be the breaking point for you.

New to these creamy formulas or not, if you're excited at the prospect of cutting down your skincare routine by finding a cleanser that doubles as a mask, you can now pre-order the new $32 balm, which can do exactly that. This duo product doesn't just use a single oil to get the job done, but rather a hearty mix of five — four in particular that are well known for their benefits.

The most potent powerhouses are tamanu oil, which balances the skin and encourages it to heal at a faster rate, and graviola seed oil, an antibacterial and antiviral ingredient that can support skin that goes through eczema flare ups. Sapote seed oil is also involved and evens out the tone of your skin, while guava oil comes in with a dose of antioxidants and skin softening properties.

Courtesy of Ode To Self

Not everyone looks lovingly to oils though, and some get scared away from trying because of the confusion surrounding them — e.g. clogged pores, when to use, how to use. And if sensitive or acne-prone skin has been the main reason you're intimidated by oils, Bask has salicylic and ferulic acid to counteract any kind of irritation or breakouts that could arise, no matter what the cause is.

This blend of oils and acids create a texture that melts makeup by simply rubbing around your face and rinsing, while stopping painful pimples and other forms of breakouts in their tracks, too, thanks to the masking qualities it possesses.

And if balms just aren't your cup of tea, Ode To Self is also launching Savant, a cream cleanser, alongside of Bask, which features lactic acid and sodium PCA for a nice balance of exfoliation and hydration.

To get either of the new releases, you can preorder now on Ode To Self's site and expect your new cleanser to arrive in October.