The New $11 Mascara That’s About To Replace All Your Others


If you've been using makeup long enough — or, honestly, just a week or two — you have a chance of accumulating tubes of mascara. They're the ones that didn't quite work; they sounded great in theory, and may've dutifully coated your lashes, but fell short of your expectations. It's why shoppers invest in luxury mascaras — you know, the products that promise curled, lifted, and dramatically-dark eyelashes (with price tags to match). And it looks like the brand new NYX Professional Makeup On The Rise Volume Liftscara is one of those mascaras. It has all the markings of a new cult favorite: a curvy wand, a high-impact formula, and the ability to work on any pair of lashes.

The Liftscara has data to back it up, as well. According to a clinical study, 94 percent of participants saw an instant lift to their lashes after swiping on the Liftscara, and 95 percent noticed added volume right off the bat.

Feel like you may've found your new go-to? Here's the kicker: NYX's new mascara retails for only $11. And you don't even need to venture to a brick-and-mortar beauty store to snag it, either; you can order NYX's Liftscara right from the brand's website.

Courtesy of NYX Professional Makeup

Of course, you may already have a makeup drawer full of NYX's affordable cosmetics (especially if you're one of its close to 14 million Instagram followers). The brand has a tried-and-true record of creating reliable makeup that won't break the bank, and the new Liftscara is one more step in expanding its mascara selection. NYX has offered budget-friendly formulas before, too, like its $8 Worth the Hype Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara that's scored a 4.4-star rating from around 3,000 online reviews.

Courtesy of NYX Professional Makeup

The Liftscara's wand is one of the main reasons it's different than other past mascaras, though. Its shape is half curl-enhancing hourglass, half traditional round. NYX breaks down how to use it in the product description, noting that shoppers should catch their lashes with the "cinched" side first, then turn the wand to coat with the rounded side.

While that may take a little getting used to, it seems like the results are well worth it. Below, NYX's new On The Rise Volume Liftscara.