This New Skin Care Brand Mimics The Benefits Of Eggs — With All Vegan Ingredients

by Sara Spruch-Feiner

You might know Erica Choi by her Instagram alias, @eggcanvas, where her large following can keep up with her extremely enviable shelfies and high-fashion outfits. But her newest venture is a skin care line of her own. It's called Superegg — a name that honors the ingredient that holds importance in her life. When she decided to launch a skin care line, she explains in a press release, she "turned to what she knew best: nutritious eggs."

During her childhood, Choi was even bestowed with 'egg,' as a nickname, as a result of the shape of her face. In time, they came to take on a greater meaning for her. "Eggs also symbolize birth and I believe each new day is an opportunity to reset and start anew," she told TZR in an email.

"There are beauty products on the market utilizing the egg and a mixture of its extracts. However, no one has ever dedicated themselves to a full egg-focused brand; neither have they interpreted it in a special, unique way," Choi says of her inspiration to create the brand. "Moreover, the rise of animal and egg-related issues, such as allergens, diseases, and preservatives, has reinforced our commitment to providing a completely vegan product that honors the egg and its properties, but in a friendlier eco-conscious way."

The resulting launch includes a cleanser and a moisturizer, with more products on the way early in the new year. All of the brand's products feature what Choi calls "duplexes," "duplicated complexes" of plant-based ingredients designed to mimic the nutrients found in all the parts of an actual egg—the shell, the white, and the yolk.

In Asian culture and history, using an egg in skincare is nothing new—it actually dates back to the first millennium. On a personal level, Choi became familiar with this custom as a child. "Childhood memories from my Korean upbringing were also an important component, where eggs were used as part of beauty rituals. I grew up observing my grandmother and mother apply different parts of the eggs onto their faces," Choi says.

Courtesy of Superegg

As for the products themselves: The Gentle Elements Cleanser is a creamy, foaming formula that balances skin without stripping it. It contains a number of hero ingredients including hyaluronic acid and AHAs, which together, help to hydrate and gently exfoliate. Micro-encapsulated beads made up of plant cellulose, sugars, clays, amino acids, and Vitamin C gently exfoliate, and melt down as you massage the product in. The cleanser features the White Duplex, which imitates the nutrients found in egg whites with 22 botanical ingredients including tremella mushroom, soy protein, and rice extract.

Sound Renewal Moisturizer is an ultra-light, fast-absorbing gel cream, but it's still nourishing thanks to ingredients like panthenol and squalane. PHA acts as a gentle chemical exfoliant. In this product, the Yolk Duplex is the star—a blend of amino acids, fatty acids, and Vitamin E, to name a few of the 24 botanical ingredients included.

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