This New Brand Wants To Elevate How You Care For Your Post-Gym Hair

Sunday II Sunday
New Haircare Brand Sunday II Sunday.

Creating beauty products for post-gym hair is a lucrative category — and the math behind it is simple. Working out creates sweat, and sweat can wreak havoc on any hairstyle; especially so for naturally coiled or curly hair. But according to Keenan Beasley, founder of both the new haircare brand Sunday II Sunday and the beauty incubator Supply Factory Brands, the beauty category as a whole shouldn't just run parallel to an active lifestyle; instead, it's time to consider how to create a symbiotic relationship between the two.

"I’ve always seen the beauty category as an active category, yet the images of beauty and many of the routines required women to be still in order to maintain. Things like, 'Oh, I can’t swim, I just got my hair done,'" says Beasley. "Even in the opening scenes of one of my favorite movies Friday, you notice Ice Cube’s sister sleeping awkwardly so she doesn’t mess up her hair. That just didn’t make sense to me, because the women in my life and that I grew up admiring were so active."

So, how do you proactively protect hair through sweat, sleep, and the stress of day-to-day life? To start, Sunday II Sunday launched four products, titled the Moisture Balance Collection. This includes the $28 Edge Flourish Daily Nourishing Serum, $28 Soothe Me Daily Scalp Serum, $31 Revive Me Daily Moisturizing Spray, and the $31 Root Refresh Micellar Rinse. (You can also pick up the full Moisture Balance Kit for $99.)

Sunday II Sunday

Besides the biotin-infused Edge Flourish serum — specifically made for protecting and repairing the fragile hair — each other product includes a focus on benefiting the scalp, where buildup and sweat can often lead to irritation. "Our philosophy is that healthy hair starts at the scalp," notes Beasley. The Soothe Me scalp serum and Revive Me spray include Sunday II Sunday's Alternsis Botanical Complex, a "proprietary complex that helps manage sebum production at the scalp level and also replenishes and balances moisture at the scalp," explains the founder.

Even the spray-on rinse takes special care of your skin. "Refresh Micellar Rinse is an amazing refresher spray that gently cleanses the scalp and her strands while neutralizing odors. It’s specially formulated with micellar water that helps to trap dirt, while the apple cider vinegar helps to neutralize odors and fight odor causing bacteria. In the shower, the micelles-based formula makes Root Refresh a gentle surfactant-free cleanser," explains Beasley.

And this is only the start for Sunday II Sunday. "We have several products in the pipeline," the founder adds. "Our goal [is to] continuously listen to our audience and bring innovative solutions to her doorstep. Retail expansion is certainly an option but initially we want to remain focused on building a relationship directly with our consumers." To explore the new brand, visit mysunday2sunday.com. Below, all four products from the Moisture Balance Collection.

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