This New Beauty Brand Proves That Lipstick Should Be Put Back Into Your Daily Routine

Courtesy of Valdé
New beauty brand Valdé is launching a line of lipsticks.

No type of makeup is quite as confidence-boosting as a fresh coat of lipstick. Just refer back throughout history to Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor's iconic red lips or simply look to the inimitable Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for a modern day approach. While lipstick-wearing days may feel more like a farfetched, distant memory this year, new beauty brand Valdé is charging forward, launching eight shades that serve as both makeup and art, proving that lipstick should still be a staple in your routine.

If you'd like to build an iconic lip brand that rubs elbows with the Ruby Woos of the beauty world, it helps to have the intel of a former Sephora chief merchant. Fortunately, Valdé founder Margarita Arriagada has a tick in that exact box, giving her a concrete place to start and plenty of knowledge about what goes into universally loved products.

In October, Valdé will be launching eight shades of lipstick that not only have the intention of changing the expectation of a classic tube, but also challenge current unsustainable buying patterns. There will be a variety of packaging options including Valdé's $199 Storybook Set, which features a carrying pouch, a refillable tube of lipstick, and an engraved version of the brand's signature gold armor that slides over each tube.

Courtesy of Valdé

Void of 50 common ingredients that are perceived as possibly toxic, the lipsticks are made of a clean formula that's infused with plant-derived additions. Flaxseed oil, hyaluronic acid, and bidens pilosa are included, so your lips feel moisturized and smooth with each application.

But it's not just the formula that provides the luxury appeal — the tube itself is quite alluring. Inspired by the female form, the Valdé "Armor" — as it's referred to— is in the shape of angel wings and golden in color, fitting perfectly over the top of each lipstick. Though, visually, the tube is not typical — it's unique by construction, too. The tubes are meant to be refilled and kept for years so you can slowly diminish your carbon footprint, starting with your lipstick.

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