Cult-Favorite Body Brand MUTHA Just Launched Its First Facial Product

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MUTHA Face Oil on counter.
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The beauty brand MUTHA began out of necessity. Dreamt up by founder and CEO Hope Smith while pregnant with her first son, the body-care line debuted with a Body Butter and Body Oil that bathed skin in cleanly formulated moisture. And even though it's a first step in a new category for the brand, MUTHA's Face Oil was inspired by a similar concept.

"Following the success of the Body Butter and Body Oil launch last fall, my next mission is to conquer the face-care category," Hope Smith tells The Zoe Report over email. "As an aesthetician by trade for over 15 years, skin care is always something I had a passion for. I have tried everything on the market and wanted to create the perfect blend of powerful oils (22, to be exact). Every single ingredient has a beneficial property — nothing is there without a purpose."

As of July 9, you'll be able to order a bottle of the face oil on MUTHA.com, where it retails for $110. Creating a skin-quenching facial oil — that genuinely absorbs into your face instead of sitting on top — called for a unique ingredient list; MUTHA's new launch includes Camellia japonica (otherwise known as tsubaki), borage, and kalahari seed oils. Kalahari melon seed oil specifically is packed with the omega-6 fatty acid, linoleic acid, according to Smith.

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"Linoleic acid helps regulate the skin's natural sebum and helps it maintain a consistency that is less likely to clog pores (it has even been shown that acne sufferers tend to have lower levels of linoleic acid in their skin!)," she explains. "Kalahari melon seed oil is also packed with antioxidants and contains vitamins A, C, and E that help calm and soothe irritated skin from acne and have heaps of other skin benefits."

Fans can expect more facial products from MUTHA in the future, as well — though at a pace fitting for the highly curated brand. "We have two really exciting products launching later in the year," notes Smith. "It includes our core technology and I truly can’t live without it."

Until then, shop MUTHA's new Face Oil by scrolling down.

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