This New Murad Treatment Is Already Getting *So* Many Good Reviews

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Generally speaking, it's easy to see if a moisturizer will be right for you, or if you're going to fall in love with a new cleanser (or not). Skin texture products take a bit longer. It comes with the territory — chemical exfoliants need time to work their magic. And while Murad's InvisiScar Resurfacing Treatment probably won't change your skin texture overnight — the brand notes that results are shown at the 8-week mark — it may be easier to wait out. Although the product has only been available since July 8, it already has so many glowing reviews.

And it's become even easier to buy this month, too. Starting Aug. 1, Murad's $35 treatment is available in-stores at Ulta and Sephora, following a release on both beauty retailer's websites back in July. Which is where the bulk of its cult following has formed, by the way: The InvisiScar Resurfacing Treatment has a 4.6-star rating on Sephora's website from more than 200 reviews.

Wondering what has so many people talking? You can chalk it up to the fact that it offers something that's harder to find — affordable, effective acne treatments that are safe for all skin types. And at its heart, the key purpose of the treatment is to minimize acne scars; this is accomplished through a mix of resurfacing skin, minimizing discoloration, and filling any marks left behind.


The treatment gets its power from the famous acne fighter salicylic acid, which increases the speed of your skin's cell turnover rate. Combined with soothing, redness-reducing tiger grass (or Centella asiatica), vitamin C, and hydroxytyrosol (another antioxidant source), the formula is powerfully effective while still remaining safe for sensitive or dry skin. Even better, according to a study included in the product description a whopping 100 percent of treatment users agreed that their scar texture was smoother after using it for 8 weeks, while 91 percent noted that skin roughness around scarring improved.

You can check out Murad's new cult fave on the brand's website, or by picking up a bottle IRL or online at Sephora and Ulta. Below, Murad's new InvisiScar Resurfacing Treatment.

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