Why Murad’s New Clarifying Gel Is A Must-Have In Your Summer Routine

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Murad's newest product helps calm skin and reduce blemishes.
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No matter your skin type, the recent mixture of mask-wearing, summer heat, and general stress definitely hasn't been beneficial for anyone. If you can deeply relate to the wrath of "maskne," or if your skin happens to be suffering from some form of irritation in general, you'll want to give Murad's new Clarifying Oil-Free Water Gel a shot.

Available on Murad's site starting July 14, the water gel was created for all skin types, but specifically for those who frequently have breakouts or deal with skin that's easily irritated. The pump bottle retails for $44 and has a balanced formula of exfoliants and hydrators to target dryness and blemishes. But the intriguing name begs the question of where the product fits in your lineup and how it works.

"A 'water gel,' in Murad terms, is an oil-free, non-comedogenic, water-light hydrator that purifies and refines. For Clarifying Oil-Free Water Gel specifically, the formula includes Sustained Release Hyaluronic Acid, which enhances skin’s ability to attract and hold water deep within its surface ... This means your skin continues to remain hydrated even after you apply the product," says Dr. Howard Murad, Founder of Murad, in an email to The Zoe Report.


While the water gel can't necessarily fix all your problems, it can give your skin a helping hand when it reacts to your stressors. "This product aims to keep your microbiome healthy and balanced, so that when you are in a moment of stress, that stress won’t lead to irritation or distress on the skin associated with breakouts," says Dr. Murad.

In order to keep your microbiome in check, there are four star ingredients that help do this: salicylic acid, ginger root extract, Korean red pine extract, and the aforementioned sustained release hyaluronic acid. The salicylic acid exfoliates, while ginger root soothes and hyaluronic acid hydrates. But it's the Korean red pine extract that has the most interesting job — it's the ingredient that interferes with the signals from bacteria that lead to skin irritation.

When it comes to actually adding this multitasker into your skincare routine, Dr. Murad says people with any skin type can replace their daily moisturizer with this, but suggests adding in a thicker cream for nighttime if your skin lacks hydration. He also recommends using Murad’s Clarifying Cleanser alongside of the water gel to help balance things out if blemishes are your main concern.

You can shop the just-launched Clarifying Oil-Free Water Gel, below.

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