L'Enchanteur Is The Jewelry Brand That Mixes Ancient History With Modern Magic

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More than any other item you wear, jewelry holds a power to control memory and emotion. This energy is felt the moment you arrive at the website of jewelry brand L’Enchanteur, where you’re met with an up-close shot of a model draped in rich gold. An invitation to "transform your lifestyle" is written above a button that reads, “ABRAKADABRA.” This stark introduction to L’Enchanteur provides a small glimpse of what lies beyond that first click: a treasure trove of pieces that communicate stories from another world.

Identical twins Dynasty and Soull Ogun founded and co-design L'Enchanteur, which includes clothes, eyewear, and sculptures but is best known for its jewelry collection — which is has been designed using influences like alchemy, science, magic, religion, fairy tales, and mythology. "When we created L'Enchanteur, it was representing the transformation of what these two singular expressions can look like as a larger entity," Soull shared with TZR on the phone. "It added to the voice that we were already creating, and making expansive sounds and connecting with people on larger spectrums."

Before launching L'Enchanteur, Dynasty, who has a background in designing clothes, and Soull, a jewelry designer, had individual labels that focused on their respective fields. L'Enchanteur took an idea which they were both working on separately — bringing inanimate objects to life — and allowed them a chance to work on it together and to connect with the wearer "we have this universal connection while we're going through our own journeys," Soull shares. Dynasty adds that in their approach to L'Enchanteur, the designers start with research and study, then, they showcase what they've learned through their work, aiming to assist others who are on their paths with tools to activate their own transformations.


When the two designers describe L'Enchanteur's aesthetic, the first word that comes up is otherworldly. "It's always something pulling from somewhere far-distanced that may actually be here, but maybe not in the same time," Dynasty shares. Soull expands on this, "it's tapping into the unknown. A lot of my dream world comes into the aesthetic." Other words the New York twins use are timeless and whimsical. They add that Brooklyn also serves as a source of their inspiration as well as Afro-Caribbean style, which is inspired by the designers' parents.

From the beginning of the conversation, it's clear that Soull and Dynasty operate on the same wavelength. "We utilize the connection of being twins to have trust in what the decision is," Soull shares. "There is a beauty in that dynamic because though we are still always on the path of self-discovery, the connectedness allows us to express our voices together ... it becomes like music." Soull goes on to share that their work for L'Enchanteur shows how to "genuinely be connected if you allow yourself to be vulnerable."

Each piece the self-taught designers make holds a unique and powerful quality about it that feels different and more precious than some of the more simple, minimalist designs currently trending. This attention to the energy and history of their pieces explains in part why the brand has been seen on legendary names like Beyoncé, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Stevie Wonder, and Whoopi Goldberg.

L’Enchanteur’s designs range from everyday staples like the $168 Never Never Land Cuff to bold, regal statement pieces like the celebrity-approved $220 Midas Touch Finger Caps — which have been worn by Beyoncé. But regardless of the styles you choose for your jewelry collection, the brand’s designs are bound to stand out simply for fantastical worlds that they represent.

As to what's next for L'Enchanteur, the answer feels just as mystical as the entirety of their brand. "It's all about unbecoming what we thought we were and becoming what we had no idea we'd be," Dynasty says. "What do you think your highest vision of yourself is? That's what it is, and we'll see you there."

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