MAKE Created A New Makeup Palette & It’s Going To Seriously Simplify Your Routine


Summer is arguably the busiest season of the year, from the social events and weekend getaways piling up on your calendar to the back-to-back work meetings stacked at the start of your week (hello, summer Fridays). So, needless to say, time is precious. And, if you're looking to pick up some extra minutes, MAKE's Nude Palette is here to help you cut down on wasted moments spent in front of the mirror searching for and deciding between products. The newly released multifunctional palette may be the answer to simplifying your morning makeup routine — not to mention, it'll let you pare down your cosmetics case so you can actually zip it closed for your next trip.

Ringing in for just $38, the Nude Palette made its debut on MAKE's website on May 22. The product is made up of mainly neutral colors, and according to a press release from the brand, it's made to work "with every skin tone, every age, every gender." On top of that, the product is paraben-free, fragrance-free, and hypoallergenic.

So, what do you get by adding this new launch to your makeup bag? Within the palette there are eight eyeshadows, including four neutral, shimmering satin shades offering varying tones of bronze, copper, and brown. The remaining four shadows are muted matte colors that range from a soft ivory with a yellow undertone called "Reishi" to a deep coal-black dubbed "Darkness." And given the shades are easy to blend, you can play with the hues to create a custom color for your complexion. For those who are seeking a more minimal finish for daytime, swipe the shades on dry; however, if you're after a stronger look, wet down the tones to amp up the definition for an evening affair.

Courtesy of MAKE

But as you probably guessed, your eyes aren't the only part of your complexion that'll be taken care of by this beauty purchase. The palette also contains a versatile Blot Pot in a subtle rosy hue that can be used on both your lips and cheeks. Dab the stain on your pout and cheekbones to give yourself that coveted natural, dewy glow.

Rounding out the group is the Dew Pot: a light-reflecting illuminator that'll bring a luminous radiance to your skin. Use the moisturizing and protecting formula — it contains both vitamins C and E — to highlight everything from your cheekbones and cupid's bow to the bridge of your nose.

Save time and space in your beauty bag when you scoop up this new addition to the MAKE beauty lineup for the summer. Continue on to see and shop the Nude Palette below.