The Elegant Jewelry Trend You Probably Owned As a Kid Is Back Again


About a year ago it seemed like quite literally everyone was wearing a pendant necklace — and for justifiable reasons. The jewelry trend was simple, it was versatile, and it tied together seemingly anything that you were wearing. Sweater and jeans? Far cuter with a pendant necklace in the picture. Floral dress and ankle boots? Simply not complete without a pendant necklace. It was the answer to your simple-yet-high-impact accessorizing prayers. Fast forward to now and pendant necklaces haven't faded out quite yet, however if you're on the hunt for a fresh riff on the look it might be time to consider another obvious (and similar) jewelry trend: the locket necklace.

"Lockets are like heirlooms that represent a moment in time," Kinn Studio Founder Jennie Yoon tells TZR. "Though all jewelry is personal, lockets may be one of the most personal pieces of all because of what can be kept inside."

Lockets are an especially unique trend in the regards that they have a long lifespan. You likely owned one as a child and somehow the bauble translates just as well in adulthood.

"I feel like lockets can be a reaction to the age of 'if there isn't a picture of it on social media, it didn't happen,'" Knobbly Studio Founder Gittit Szwarc says. "It's refreshing to wear something that has a secret inside, something personal and meaningful that wasn't copywritten for you by a brand."

@alyssainthecity in Knobbly Studio

What you decide to put in the necklace is, of course, up to you. A tiny note, a small photo, or whatever other mementos you can concoct will make the locket all the more of a treasure to wear. And if you're pondering over how best to wear it, designer Jess Hannah suggests a couple of approaches. "You can choose to embrace the antique feel of your piece wearing it alone over a high-necked top or blouse," she tells TZR. "If that's not for you offset its old world charm with other chains and pendants and bring it up to date."


Ahead, More Lockets to Add to Your Collection

Designer Jennie Yoon handcrafts her refined lockets with 10k solid gold. Order yours with an initial that has sentimental value to you to make it all the more of an heirloom investment.

It's unsurprising that Alghieri would have an artistic take on the locket trend.

If you're opting for jewelry with a lower price point, a minimalist design often makes it look a bit more elevated, like this simple locket from Bauble Bar.

Wear this over a high-neck blouse for a subtle nod to the Victorian-inspired trend.

Give your everyday style an estate sale vibe with this pretty locket.

A clean, classic option you can mix and match with your other dainty necklaces.

Catbird is always a smart choice when it comes to finding your next jewelry investment.

Contrast your delicate gold chains with a locket on a sturdier iteration.

Loquet sells individual charms to fill your locket with, making it all the more personalized and playful.

Wear a classic locket with everything from simple sweaters to evening dresses — it's delightfully versatile.

An under-$100 option that looks like it's worth much more than $100.

If sparkle speaks to you, try a locket with a diamond or crystal in the center.

There are a lot of gold options when it comes to pendants and lockets; break things up with a silver version.