Madewell’s New Perfumes Are Basically Summer In A Bottle


While Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to celebrate your significant other, it also provides for a chance to show some love to the special ladies in your life — i.e. your mom, sister, and bestie. Not sure what to gift this year? Meet Madewell's new perfume, a group of fragrances that'll have those lucky ladies (and yourself) feeling as if summer has come early with their fresh scents.

On Feb. 5, Madewell launched its first-ever perfume line that includes four signature scents: Indigo, Chambray, Sedona, and Beau. Shoppers will be able to scoop up these scents both in store and online for $65 each. While the retailer has offered a beauty category since 2017, this is Madewell's first foray into creating its own fragrances.

All of the perfumes come in chic, minimal clear bottles that'll sit nicely with the rest of the products on your vanity. They're not just for looks, though: Each of the scents blends natural oils and essences from around the world to create everyday perfumes that can be used on their own or layered with one another.

For those who tend to stick to lighter, more feminine fragrances, you'll gravitate toward the soft, floral aroma of Chambray. Bringing together amber with lily of the valley, iris absolute noble, and freesia, this scent will easily become one you wear for both day and night.

If you seek out scents of sandalwood, Indigo will be your new go-to. The unisex fragrance brings in warm notes of amber and musk that meld with Italian bergamot and ginger. And it isn't the only perfume within the collection that Madewell notes as unisex; Beau, can be shared between you and your special someone too. When you spritz the clean scent of Beau, you'll be met with hints of leather and cedar married with white flowers and palo santo wood with coconut.

Though all of the scents bring a hint of the southwest and its warmth, the Sedona scent rounds out the group, and perhaps brings with it the strongest feeling of summer days in the sunshine. The citrus, floral fragrance's combination of bergamot and orange blossom with French lavender and honey will have you counting down the days until its beach weather.

You can feel as if the warmer months are here right now with the purchase of one (or more) of Madewell's new perfumes. Continue on to gift yourself and all your favorite people a fresh fragrance.