LORAC Just Launched A Whole New Collection Of Complexion Products — Here’s Why You Need It

Lorac / Instagram
LORAC's PRO Complexion collection features foundation, concealer, and two new primers

Do you love a two-in-one product? Like a ring that's also a bottle opener. Or, a tool that not only slices, but de-pits your morning avocado. Or, something even as simple — but ingenious — as a makeup sponge that has a flat side and a bulbous one. Yeah, twofers can be amazing. And Carol Shaw, founder of LORAC Cosmetics, thought the same thing back in 1995 when it came to combining skincare and makeup. Now, 25 years later, LORAC has a new PRO Complexion collection — featuring new foundations, concealers, and two primers — that honor Shaw's dedication to glam-approved, but skin-friendly products, too.

It seems almost counterintuitive not to have skincare products in your base makeup, but for quite a while, skincare and makeup were kept separate. "Carol [Shaw] was way before her time and began to create hybrid skincare/makeup before it was a trend," says Molly Smith, head of LORAC Product Development, to TZR in an email explaining the inspiration behind this new collection. "Her vision is still our vision today and we believe more than ever that everything you put on your skin should treat it well."

And the new collection doesn't miss that mark. The biggest release is the 25-shade Pro Soft Focus Longwear Foundation ($38 apiece) closely followed by the 12-shade Pro Soft Focus Longwear Concealer ($24 apiece). Both are formulated with vitamin C and sodium hyaluronate to help with skin elasticity, while fruit extracts (watermelon, apple, and lentil fruit) boost hydration and reduce fine lines. And if you're curious about the shade range (which is smaller than the 40-shade industry standard that Fenty set into place) the brand was thinking about that, too, during the new line's creation.

"In our 25 years of experience, working with literally thousands of women and men, we have concluded that no number of shades will ever be perfect for everyone and often times we mix shades to create the perfect match," explains Smith. "Therefore, we set out to create a balanced range from fair to deep with the intention of covering the majority of skin tones while attempting for all shades to be as neutral as possible in undertone in order to be easily mixed and customized."

The final products from this collection are two primers: Pro Skin Glass Primer and Pro Skin Matte Primer ($35 each). As their names suggest, each primer tackles different needs based on what your skin desires. "Oftentimes, the skin behaves different on different parts of the face with the T-Zone being shiny and the outer part of the complexion needing some dewiness," Smith notes. "We created two primers, with two very different objectives: one to soak up shine and the other to deliver glow."

The Pro Skin Matte Primer works on soaking up shine with the famous oil-defeater, salicylic acid, while antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E help regenerate skin. On the other hand, Pro Skin Glass Primer adds serious glow with a patented oligopeptide and ceramide blend that also restores hydration and repairs damaged skin.

Two-in-one needs satisfied or, at the very least, piqued? Shop and explore the collection right now via Lorac's website, ulta.com, or keep scrolling for all four products below.