This Lipstick Brand Is Donating 100 Percent Of Its Earnings Right Now To Help Those Affected By Coronavirus

Lipslut / Instagram
Lipslut's corona virus fundraiser means it's donating 100 percent of profits to organizations

If you've been struggling to figure out where to focus your efforts amidst COVID-19, you're definitely not alone. Of course, taking care of yourself should be top priority (wash those hands and stay home as much as you can), but there's also the question of taking action on a larger scale. Luckily, you can do both. While you sit at home planning "infits" and video-chatting friends to maintain some sort of normalcy, you can also shop lipstick brand Lipslut's coronavirus fundraiser — where you can buy any lipstick from now until March 20, and 100 percent of profits will be donated to pandemic-relief organizations.

If you're unfamiliar with the socially responsible brand, Lipslut, donating to social causes is not uncharted territory for it. Its first lipstick in 2017, dubbed "F*ck Trump," donated (and still does) 50 percent of profits to civil rights organizations affected by the administration. And since then, the brand has continued producing lipsticks and lip glosses that donate half of their profits, like "F*ck Hollywood" (a bright red lipstick affiliated with organizations against sexual assault) and "Impeach" (a nude gloss that donates to women's organizations). But in this uncertain time of the coronavirus, the brand has replaced all other initiatives — and upped its givings to 100 percent — to help those struggling due to COVID-19.

"Coronavirus affects us all—whether we’re sick, staying home from work, no longer have access to childcare, or have reduced access to food," reads an Instagram caption from the brand announcing the fundraiser. "This fundraiser aims to be a proactive step in supporting the organizations that work to offset some of these difficulties." As of right now, the brand responded to an Instagram comment saying it's working with No Kid Hungry, Meals on Wheels, CDC Foundation, LA Mission, Doctors Without Borders, and Feeding America, but is also welcoming recommendations from fans.

So, if you have the means during this time and are looking for a way to help out, keep scrolling for a few top products from the brand or head over to Lipslut's site to see all it has to offer.

If you think you’re showing symptoms of coronavirus, which include fever, shortness of breath, and cough, call your doctor before going to get tested. If you’re anxious about the virus’s spread in your community, visit the CDC for up-to-date information and resources, or seek out mental health support.