This New Nude Nail Polish Collection Is So Simple — & That's Why It Works

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Courtesy of Lights Lacquer
Lights Lacquer's new YNBB collection on hand.
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"My lips, but better" has been a go-to refrain in the beauty community for years. As a concept, it translates into a "no-makeup makeup" lip color that mirrors the natural shade of your lips, but makes them look, you know, even better. Since its advent, the same sensibility has been applied to skin, lashes, blush, and basically every other makeup category on the market. Rarely, though, did it enter the nail polish world — that is, until Lights Lacquer's new YNBB collection arrived May 7.

As you can guess by its name, YNBB stands for Your Nails, But Better. Retailing at $9.50 per shade, the nail polish drop includes six nude colors named after unique names and personalities (like Mila, The Dreamer or Emma, The Adventurer). You can also pick up the YNBB (Your Nails But Better) Bundle on the nail brand's website for $52. Like other polishes from beauty YouTuber KathleenLights' nail polish brand, the new colors are self-leveling, richly pigmented, and formulated to deliver long-lasting nail color with just one coat.

More important, though, is the shade range. The heart of the collection is its ability to offer shoppers a glossy, natural-looking nude color that complements their skin. Similar to a foundation range, the collection's shades were formulated with undertones in mind; the ivory Mila and neutral tan Lyla offer pink undertones, the beige Matilda a yellow undertone, the warm tan Emma and espresso Olivia warm undertones, and the deep brown shade, Alyanna, a cool tone.

Courtesy of Lights Lacquer

Fans of the brand need to add an extra note on their calendars for June 1, as well — otherwise known as National Nail Polish Day. At the beginning of the month, Lights Lacquer will be launching a base and top coat, a new step from the up-and-coming nail brand and rounding out the vegan, "7-free" lacquer line itself.

Courtesy of Lights Lacquer

But remember: The only place you'll be able to find the current YNBB collection is on Lights Lacquer's website. Or, to explore all six new shades, keep on reading; every single color from the new YNBB collection is ahead.

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