This New Brand Has 144 Microsizes To (Almost) Guarantee You Find The Perfect Fit

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Whether your browsing a department store rack or perusing the pages of your favorite e-tailer, one disappointing fact is true: you only have so many sizes to choose from. Which means, very little can compare to the moment when you do find that perfect fit. And thanks to Laws of Motion's dress collection you now have access to a revolutionary range of 144 "microsizes" — so you're almost guaranteed to find your absolute best fit.

Arguably the most important part of finding that perfect LBD, is how the dress truly feels. With the unstoppable woman in mind, the tailor-focused brand, which launched in May 2019, aims to only create clothing that you want to wear 100% of the time. The brands founder, Carly Bigi, aims to overhaul the fashion industry's antiquated sizing system for women through data science by offering 144 microsizes — a ground-breaking number reached by using scans of thousands of women and inputing your own specific measurements, the digital tailor can predict every minute detail of your shape, size, and how you need your clothes to move.

While providing you with a custom fit, the brand's consumer-specific designs also cut back on waste since each garment is made to order with its owners measurements. Shoppers are prompted to take a quick one-minute quiz to, as the size-chart differs from more traditional retailers.

Courtesy of Laws of Motion

As of now, the brand offers 3 styles in a range of different fabric options. The Alpha dress, $195, is a solid knee-length A-line silhouette that'll invoke feeling like the boss. Available for pre-order, the Legend style, $245, is a wear-anywhere shift dress with its counterpart The Vice blazer, $295, being the perfect add-on for when you need to look covered but not feel constricted.

Few things are more exciting than a purchase made just for you so shop the polished and powerful silhouettes below. If you already want more, keep an eye out for some new styles coming soon.

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