Clean Beauty Favorite Kosas Has Launched Its First Mascara

Courtesy of Kosas
Kosas' new The Big Clean Mascara on model.

Mascara isn't typically known for its lash-health benefits. Then again, Kosas isn't your typical makeup brand. Perpetually geared towards the cleaner side of cosmetics, Kosas' new The Big Clean Mascara — released bright and early on Aug. 25 — is the cult-favorite brand's first foray into the mascara game. And if you take a look at the ingredient list, you'll realize it's an impressively strong start.

Retailing at $26 per hot pink tube, The Big Clean Mascara's formula probably sounds familiar if you've ever tried to DIY your way to longer lashes. Castor oil, an intensely moisturizing oil with alleged lash benefits, is one of the star ingredients; it's complemented by provitamin B5 and biotinyl tripeptide — a mouthful, yes, but that duo repairs any damages already done to your lashes, as well as strengthening the extra-delicate hairs for the future.

Make no mistake, though: This is still a mascara, even if it helps mitigate the fact that regularly coating your lashes in pigmented wax probably isn't the absolute best thing for them. The Big Clean Mascara delivers on its namesake bigness; the brush at the tip of the mascara wand features a hefty amount of dense, spiraled bristles. This creates those one-swipe, instantly dolled-up lashes that are the reason mascara is always a desert-island beauty product amongst shoppers.

Courtesy of Kosas

That, and the slight curve at the brush. Combined with how flexible the bristles themselves are, this allows the mascara brush to grab and pass through all of your lashes, coating each and every one with the mascara. Can you go back and add more after you're finished? Definitely, but thanks to The Big Clean Mascara, you don't have to. (The rich black color will pop on your lashes right away, too, since Kosas made sure to load the formula up with a ton of pigment.)

At the moment, you can find Kosas' latest launch on the beauty brand's website, as well as online at Sephora.com. However, anyone who prefers to see the product in person will be able to grab it in-store at Sephora on Aug. 28. Below, Kosas' first-ever mascara.

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