KNC Beauty’s First-Ever Sheet Masks Are Finally Here

KNC Beauty / Instagram
KNC Beauty's new face mask pack comes with three different types of masks.

The words "face mask" don't conjure the images they once did. Many years ago (OK, maybe just last year) it meant a night in, lounging around in a super moist sheet mask, and today it's the makeup-smearing, albeit important, mouth coverings that have become the new normal. But allowing face masks to reclaim their name as a calming part of your routine is KNC Beauty's new Big Set — a collection of hydrating, soothing masks to amp the glow of your complexion from the brand whose lip masks have become an Instagram staple.

Officially launched on Aug. 20, three masks — Big Drip, Big Glo, and Big Chill — make up this pack, which goes for $28. The masks are made of bio-cellulose, a biodegradable, gelatinous material that's helpful for getting mega moisture into your skin. While similar, each of the three masks is made to deliver a specific purpose.

Aptly named, Big Drip is ideal for giving your complexion a hydration boost that stays put. It includes Irish moss, an ingredient that works on a cellular level to rebuild damaged skin that's seen better days. Omega 3s and marula oil are also part of this mask, which gets you softer skin and puts up a shield against environmental toxins.

Following Big Drip is Big Glo, which gives your skin moisture and a dewy sheen. It, too, contains Irish moss, as well as pomegranate, which provides a potent dose of vitamin C and other antioxidants. To keep the focus on even, glowing skin, it features white lily to keep inflammation at bay and give your skin another boost of hydration.

Even though hydration and glow are a must all week long, for those nights where an extra-calming antidote to an overwhelming day is most important, Big Chill is it. Comprised of Irish moss and aloe, it heals skin and takes out inflammation on top of repairing damage. In addition, this mask has gotu kola, an herb of many talents. It helps blood circulation and amps up your collagen production, which helps contribute to that soothing, hydrated glow this mask promises.

To reap the benefits of these masks, the instructions are simple: after washing your face, gently press the mask into your skin and leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes. After removing, pat any leftover formula into your skin.

If your face is feeling a little lackluster, take a peek at the new set from KNC, below.

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