The KKW Beauty Collection That Sold Out In Minutes Last Year Is Finally Back In Stock

KKW Beauty / Instagram
KKW Beauty’s Mrs. West Collection Is Back In Stock

What's something you can do in seven minutes? Pick up a prescription, perhaps; come up with a semi-decent Instagram caption; maybe even your entire skincare routine if you're that good. But, if you're Kim Kardashian, a beauty — nay, all around —mogul, you'd say: sell out most of KKW Beauty's Mrs. West collection. As fans might remember, the 2019 makeup collection, dedicated to the ethereal look Kardashian wore on her wedding day with Kanye West, sold out almost entirely in seven minutes. But, for the first time since its original release date (May 24, 2019), the Mrs. West collection is back on the market — well, until it *probably* sells out again.

The relaunch comes as quite a surprise, since when it first sold out, Kardashian noted it was a limited-edition collection and it wouldn't be put through reproduction. But, almost a year later and from far left field, KKW Beauty posted an Instagram on Feb. 20 stating the six-piece collection — featuring an eyeshadow palette, lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner, blush, and highlighter — would be fully restocked come Feb. 27.

"Everything about this collection is so special and very personal to me," a caption from Kardashian reads on her Instagram about the relaunch. "I love the idea that the memories from one of the happiest days of my life inspired this collection and that all of you will be able to create your own memories with this beautiful collection."

If it's been so long that you've forgotten what's in the lineup, here's a quick refresher. The bundle is full of neutrals and blush pinks, with the Mrs. West Palette combining both. The $30 eyeshadow palette has six shades in matte and shimmer finishes with brown-to-taupe hues, soft pinks, and champagne highlights. Speaking of champagne, the $20 Forever Highlighter is a gold, bubbly shade perfect for a subtle sheen. The last of the face products is the $18 Flower Wall Blush — a light pink for a just-pinched effect.

The other three products are all about lips, and they work in tandem (or, by themselves; they're versatile). Grab the peach-hued Love Lip Liner ($12) for a clear outline, then fill in with the slightly lighter Love Lipstick ($18). And for an added pop, layer on Soulmate Gloss, also $18, for a pink pearlescent shine. If that sounds like how you're thinking of doing it, snag the whole trio in the Mrs. West Lip Bundle for $42.

Again, you'll probably want to move quickly when it comes to securing a part of this collection. Skip a la carte and snag the entire Mrs. West Collection for $100 exclusively on KKW Beauty's website, or keep scrolling to mix and match all six pieces below.