Kim Kardashian Launched A KKW Beauty Collection With Her Best Friend — & It’s Selling Out Fast

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Courtesy of KKW Beauty
Kim Kardashian and her childhood best friend dreamed up a new line together for KKW Beauty.
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There seems to be an endless pursuit for items that fit into people's increasingly hectic lifestyles — specifically, makeup and skincare products that make your day-to-day easier, no matter how you define the word “busy.” This isn’t easy to do when schedules, careers, family lives, and relationships are so starkly different. But, with some major creativity involved, Kim Kardashian and her best friend Allison Statter managed to harness their shared childhood memories and put it into KKW Beauty's KKW x Allison Collection, a cosmetic line that works for the different, but similarly on-the-go lives they, and many other women, lead.

The collection, which is now available on KKW Beauty's site, consists of four new products that range between $18 to $38, or $150 for everything. The line is intentionally small, which simplifies the routine — the goal for Kardashian and Statter. This pared-down set has already struck a chord with buyers, as both the lip crayons and full collection kit have already sold out. And it makes sense: who wouldn't want fewer products that can do the same amount of work?

When you think of the best products for quick adjustable and adaptable looks, neutrals almost always come to mind as the holy grail of versatility. And, in this collection, it’s the B.F.F.A.E Eyeshadow Palette that makes the most look combinations possible.

It has four matte shades that span from a super light pink to a deep chocolate brown, and two colors — a faded pink and lavender — that have shimmer finishes. A quick swipe gives you everything you need for a low-maintenance, doable-from-your-desk look, but with a brush, or meticulous fingers, you can easily take an everyday eye to something more smoky or dramatic.

The second palette in the collection is made for contouring and comes in two different color stories — one with a warm bronzer, highlighter, and punchy pink blush, and a version with the saturation turned down. The creamy bases are powder, but easily buildable, and having all three packed into one palette makes it simple for slipping into your bag or in your home desk drawer.

For your lips, Statter and Kardashian continued the simplicity theme and designed an easy-to-use lip crayon in two shades, a poppy peach color titled Palm Springs and a berry mauve named London. Unfortunately (but unsurprisingly), these have already sold out, but you can join the brand's waitlist to get notified when they're back in stock.

Once you're able to get your hands on the crayons, you can add a finishing touch over the color, or opt for a more natural look, with the second lip product in the line: P.P.S Gloss. It's a clear formula that leaves you with a lustrous shine and even teases in a little ’90s nostalgia.

Tackling everything in your calendar feels less intimidating when you have makeup that fits into a tight schedule. Scroll through a few of the new products still in stock, below.

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