The Latest Keys Soulcare Drop Includes So Much More Skin Care

Courtesy of Keys Soulcare
Keys Soulcare New Launches

Alicia Keys' cruelty-free beauty and wellness brand, Keys Soulcare, made waves this last December by ushering a holistic take on beauty into the limelight. Rather than unveiling a handful of makeup or skin care, the brand launched a "ritual," which included a skin cream as well as a facial roller and a scented candle — a full-body, all-senses moment, versus the traditional nightly rush through your routine. However, Keys Soulcare's new launches prove that this is a brand that's still quite serious about delivering on skin care, while keeping things affordable and, hopefully, inspiring you to light a candle while you slather it all on.

Six new Keys Soulcare skin care products arrive online at Ulta and KeysSoulcare.com on Jan. 12. Similar to the last drop, the most expensive item falls into the $30 range, with the most affordable — a multipurpose, vanilla-scented balm — clocking in at only $12. The products themselves cover an expansive range of skin needs, as well, creating a chance for shoppers to have an entire Keys Soulcare routine, starting with the new Golden Cleanser ($20), following up with a Reviving Aura Mist ($22), and finishing with the new fragrance-free version of the Skin Transformation Cream ($30).

Those into at-home treatments will be very happy, too. This new drop includes a new water-activated powder exfoliator, called the Be Luminous Exfoliator ($22). Formulated with lactic acid and powdered hojicha, a type of green tea, the light blend turns into a creamy yet exfoliating foam. Follow that up with the $28 Harmony Mask, a charcoal and manuka honey treatment created to soothe skin and increase your own natural glow.

Courtesy of Keys Soulcare

The best part though might be that aforementioned multipurpose balm. The $12 Comforting Balm can be used wherever you need it; the camellia seed oil moisturizes dry or dull skin, whether that be your hands and cuticles or an extra dry patch by your nose. It's a very 2021 take on beauty, and echoes the holistic nature of the brand.

Below, the latest Keys Soulcare additions.

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