Jennifer Lopez Just Tried Out Unicorn Hair & She Looks So Different

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Jennifer Lopez/Instagram
Jennifer Lopez's unicorn hair from her new music video.

Anyone trying to get inspiration on how to tackle the new year should look no further than Jennifer Lopez. Jan. 1 won't only be the official launch date for the JLo Beauty line, but the musician, actor, and entrepreneur will also be debuting the "In The Morning" music video from her new album in 2021 — because who needs sleep? Although there isn't much known right now about the video, J.Lo's longtime hairstylist Chris Appleton did reveal a major sneak peek on his Instagram: Jennifer Lopez's unicorn hair, purple eyeshadow, and a watercolor-like dress that looks straight out of a mermaid fairytale.

"Unicorn Barbie," Appleton captioned the post, which went up on Instagram Dec. 25. To no one's surprise, the pic fetched more than 40,000 likes, showcasing just how versatile J.Lo's style is even if you may know her best for caramel hair and neutral glam. Appleton didn't share details about any hair colors used in the post, though if you had to wager a guess, betting that it's a wig is a safe one. Even more so since the hairstylist also posted another pic of J.Lo's "In The Morning" hair, where she's wearing a sharp blonde bob with a floral hair stencil applied to the side.

Though the unicorn hair does look absolutely natural on the artist. The style is multidimensional and similar to the "oil slick" hair color trend that's becoming increasingly popular again, though lighter than the original purple, blue, and green color combo. J.Lo's hair also incorporates a silvery white near her face and throughout the lengths that makes it look altogether much more celestial.

You can see a glimpse of the gorgeous hair during the "In The Morning" teaser that's already up on YouTube and posted on J.Lo's Instagram account, too. Plus, if you take the time to watch the short clip, you'll see there is so much more hair inspiration to come; it looks like Lopez will be switching between a long, light blonde wig, a short and wavy caramel bob, the unicorn style, a slicked-back bun, and the stenciled bob. Because why start 2021 with just one hairstyle, when you could ring the new year in with five?

Keep an eye on J.Lo's Instagram account for more "In The Morning" updates.

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