Jenna Lyons Just Launched A New Faux Lash Brand

Courtesy of LoveSeen
Faux eyelashes from Jenna Lyons' new beauty brand, LoveSeen.

Jenna Lyons and Troi Ollivierre approached creating a lash brand the same way they approached fashion: by looking at the bigger picture. "Troi and I have known each other for, oh, I don’t know — 20-some odd years," Jenna Lyons, co-creator of the new beauty brand LoveSeen and star of the upcoming HBO Max show Stylish With Jenna Lyons series, tells The Zoe Report over a video call. "I think a lot of people associate my previous life as strictly fashion, but so much of what we were doing was always setting the tone of what the look was going to be, [and] Troi is really responsible for helping create that look and driving that look. Which is that kind of clean, refreshed-face beauty."

That previous life being at J.Crew, where Lyons formerly served as creative director and president and Ollivierre created makeup magic. "It was really important to us when we started to talk about something that we kept the origins of where we came from, but also allowing people to do some of the things we were never able to do," says Lyons. "Which is like, really full makeup, and fun makeup."

Enter the fake lashes. LoveSeen launched Sept. 22 with nine faux lash styles, with prices ranging from $20 to $22 per set. "The reason lashes came up was because I don’t have any. I have a genetic disorder — I have like, three on one eye and about seven on the other," explains Lyons.

Courtesy of LoveSeen

A fateful visit to The Oprah Winfrey Show years ago inspired the designer to don faux lashes for the first time. "[Ollivierre] slapped like, 10 pounds of extensions on my head and eyelashes, and it was really the first time I’d put on eyelashes," she says. "I looked in the mirror and was like, oh my God, actually that’s what it looks like when you have eyelashes."

Courtesy of LoveSeen

That magical feeling — trying on a new lash, and seeing yourself a little differently than before — defines the spirit of LoveSeen. There are styles for the regular faux lash fan, who is used to the drama they bring, like the Troi, or Romy. There are also lashes created to subtly enhance: The Cate lash uses a nude band to vanish against bare skin; the Levi lash is about half the size of a regular set, and created to be worn as just a "little wing tip."

Courtesy of LoveSeen

Or, explore the entire first LoveSeen drop by scrolling down. Ahead, all nine styles from the brand-new lash line.

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