The Lip Color Jenna Dewan Keeps In Rotation Is So Easy To Wear

by Ruby Buddemeyer
Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Have you ever noticed that Jenna Dewan wears pink lipstick like it's her job? Pink isn't a particularly easy color to wear — choose the wrong hue and you can be left with washed out or garish lips — which makes Dewan's signature color that much more enviable. But according to her makeup artist, copping her look might be easier than you think.

"Jenna knows her face extremely well from her days of doing her own glam when she was a dancer," Allan Avendaño, Dewan's makeup artist, tells The Zoe Report over email. "Pink is often her go-to nude color — she prefers shades that have a little more color than flesh-toned nudes, since they tend to work really well with her golden-olive complexion."

Avendaño — whose client roster also includes Ashley Graham, Vanessa Hudgens, and Lucy Hale — recommends experimenting with a range of pink tones, including brighter shades that might seem intimidating. "Play with as many colors as possible until you find the undertones that suit you," he suggests. "Don't be afraid of trying a brighter pink shade, since it usually looks different on your lips than in the tube. You could be missing out on your new signature color!"

Ahead, Avendaño walks The Zoe Report through four of Dewan's prettiest pink lipstick looks — along with the exact products, shades, and application tips you'll need to recreate the lip yourself. Consider yourself warned: You'll want to try Avendaño's shimmery, rose gold hue tonight.

The Rose Gold Lip

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The Mauve Lip

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The Holographic Lip

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The Neutral Lip

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